Horoscopes Are Very Lucky For 5 Chinese Zodiac Signs The Week Of May 20 - 26

Small changes, great transformation.

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Joy and delights await us this week, between May 20 - 26, and five Chinese zodiac signs will be the luckiest of them all under its influence. They are: Horse, Ox, Tiger, Monkey, and Dog. But before we get to their luck horoscopes, here are the general messages for everyone.

This week, the I Ching hexagram of luck is Earth over Earth (#2), changing to Earth over Mountain (#15). It reminds us that luck cannot flow into our lives if we don't make space for it. That includes believing we can get lucky and removing toxic influences that don't want us to get lucky or do well.


So unblock yourself and be receptive to the abundance of destiny. If only you can believe in this cosmic gift, great change and astonishing manifestations await you. Just remember: it's not enough to find your luck. You must also allow it to unfold at the right time and pace. After all, one cannot make a tree grow in one month if its life cycle demands nurturing and nourishment for ten years before it gives fruits. Trust the process.


If you feel called to, wear a Rose Quartz pendant this week to be more receptive to the energy of luck. You can also meditate while holding it to help you ground yourself and be at peace. Just make sure to write down your insights after your session so you don't forget what you discovered. Now, let's focus on the five Chinese zodiac signs who are the luckiest this week.

Five Chinese zodiac signs luckiest this week of May 20 - 26, 2024:

1. Horse: Lucky dreams

Horse, don't underestimate the power of the supernatural and its influence on your life. Your luck this week will stem from these mysterious places, especially your dreams. If possible, maintain a dream journal to track what you saw before your brain deletes those fleeting memories. You will unearth deep insights and hidden symbols when you do this.

You can also sensitize yourself to this luck by meditating for a few minutes before sleeping. Don't be surprised when these messages and insights take you somewhere golden. The color green will be lucky for you this week.

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2. Ox: Speedy luck!

Ox, your luck this week is strong and speedy. Lean into it and it will help you conquer your goals and cross the milestones along the way faster. It's called speedy luck, after all! Just remember: you may have to step out of your comfort zone to lock into this luck. So, if you get the nudge to do so, don't let your fears hold you back.

The color blue will be lucky for you this week. You can also meditate more frequently to help you stay grounded and act when your luck comes speeding in!

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3. Tiger: Quiet luck

Tiger, your luck this week has an introverted quality to it. If you allow yourself to turn inward and listen closely to your heart, the right answers will reveal themselves. That's how you will lock in on your luck.


This also means setting boundaries against socializing if you don't feel inclined to do so now. Trust the process. Every week in every year does not have to be full of the same social events and activities. The color green will be lucky for you this week.

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4. Monkey: Lucky options

Monkey, your luck this week is two-fold. For those who are betting on something, whether it's an investment opportunity, a new venture, or even a game at the casino, you have good luck on your side. Know your limits, though, because this luck won't last for too long.

For others, your luck this week will open new options and bring new opportunities to you. Trust your inner voice and choose the path (or paths) that make the most sense to you. That's where you will find even more luck waiting.


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5. Dog: Quiet luck

Dog, your luck this week is firmly tied to your sense of self. If you have a habit of sabotaging yourself or indulging in negative self-talk, you will lose out on this luck. If, instead, you hype yourself up and trust your talents and abilities, the path forward will suddenly become easy. Luck will remove unseen obstacles.

The color yellow will bring you luck this week, and so will yellow flowers. You can place the latter in a vase wherever you want this luck to play out – whether at home, work, or elsewhere.


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