3 Zodiac Signs Confronting Deep Issues & Experiencing Mental Empowerment On May 17, 2024

Under the intense energy of Mercury square Pluto on May 17, 2024, three zodiac signs challenge their own thinking.

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On May 17, 2024, Mercury squares Pluto, an intense transit that prompts deep thinking. 

Three zodiac signs feel the effects of this transit most in the form of old grudges resurfacing. But when Mercury squares Pluto on May 17, these signs are called to do the only natural thing: get out of their own way and reach out to reconnect.


3 zodiac signs confronting deep issues & experiencing mental empowerment on May 17, 2024

1. Gemini

You swore to yourself that by no means would you let 'that person' back into your life. But as time goes by, you've started wondering: just how attached to that idea are you? 

This person, whom you definitely had a VERY hard time with at one point in your life, doesn't seem all that threatening now. It's as if time did its job and faded everything into the background. You can't even remember why you keep them apart from you anymore, as the pain of the past just feels sort of out of place now that you're living the present. On Friday, during Mercury square Pluto, you're going to see that you believe you know what's at the bottom of all this non-communication. It's you, Gemini. You got used to ignoring them and now it's become a lifestyle.


The bright side: The kicker here is that because of Mercury square Pluto, you'll see that you can just as easily get out of your own way and let the love flow once again between you and this 'dire enemy' of yours. Because the truth is you always loved them. You two just had a fight that went on forever and now you feel as though there is no need to uphold this prideful defensiveness. So, you let it go, and good for you, Gemini. Way to go!

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2. Leo

If there's a grudge to hold, you're the master and key holder here, Leo. You take a grudge all the way (and sometimes it's all the way to the grave). You are so prideful and resistant to the idea of compromise that you can be pretty scary at times. While you think being scary might be equated with being powerful and cool, all this 'terror' has given you is isolation.

You miss the person you've pushed away. The whole "you're dead to me" attitude is way too dramatic, and even you know it. What comes up during Mercury square Pluto is that even you know you've gone too far. So much of that is because you are starting to admit to yourself that you miss this person and that perhaps, they are not the bringer of the apocalypse as you once made them out to be.


The bright side: Once you get out of your way and let your old friend back into your life, you'll see what you've been missing out on. There is no need for you to go over old times, especially old, bad memories. With this in mind, you are free to experience this person anew and you'll end up feeling very proud of yourself that you were big enough to just let it all go.

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3. Sagittarius

Pride built this Ivory Tower and the loss of it will be that which tears it down. In your case, Sagittarius, it's a good thing. You have held someone at arm's distance for so long that you've gotten used to not having them in your life. You and this person had a real problem with each other at one point and you decided that they should not be anywhere near you. 

The years went by, and now you've started to wonder whether any of this distance was worth it. During Mercury Square Pluto, you'll see that what started as a fight turned into a canyon of empty space, and being that this was once someone you loved very, very much, you'll decide that this is when you reconcile. You hope they 'take you back,' and you're willing to take that chance.


The bright side: Why bother dredging up the reasons why you had a fight years ago when time is fleeting and you're finally free enough from your conditioning to allow the love back in? May 17 is when you get out of your own way and bring this person back into your life. You won't regret it!

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