3 Zodiac Signs Find Their Perfect Match In Love On May 16

Thursdays gives three zodiac signs the opportunity to stay open just long enough to let the right one in.

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For those of us who are very picky when it comes to love, romance and the idea of actually being in and staying in a relationship, we may find that as May 16 approaches, we are in luck, as this is a very good time to find someone appropriately compatible with us. We've got a Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo, which basically means we're getting there...we may be picky, but we're not impossible. We are 'open' to finding this special person.


Thursdays give three zodiac signs the opportunity to stay open just long enough to let the right one in. And the 'right one' may happen to be the person who is very much like us. We aren't coming from a place of narcissism or conceit; what's really going on during the Waxing Gibbous Moon in Virgo is that we feel more comfortable around people who share the same interests and lifestyles as we do.

This is why we've said 'no' to others in the past; they just weren't like us, and for three zodiac signs, we must find partners who believe in the same things we do. That's hard for some to achieve but easy when the transit sits just right, as it will on Thursday, May 16. So, get ready to open your heart, as there is someone here and now who is so compatible with you that you won't want to miss out on them.


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3 zodiac signs find their perfect match in love on May 16

1. Cancer

Here we are, and it appears that the universe is smiling down on you, Cancer, letting you know that the right person for love and romance is finally here in your life. You have your standards, that's for sure, and you aren't about to let any ol' person in; while trust is essential and attraction is a must, you have to be ultimately compatible with this person for it to work, and it seems that on May 16, you're going to find this happening, right before your eyes.

You'll see that your standards are met in this one new person in your life. While we don't always get 'exactly' what we want in a mate, you'll find that on Thursday, you'll come as close as you possibly can, and you may even feel as though this person has the ability to sweep you off your feet. It's happening, Cancer, and you are there for it all.

Being compatible with you isn't as hard as you'd think it would be, as you are pretty much a soft, sweet person, and there are definitely many of us out here who fit that bill; however, you are picky, and that's OK. You want only the best for yourself, and that's to be commended. May 16 brings you what you want, and you'll know it when you see it, or rather them.


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2. Libra

You have always had an extremely high set of standards when it comes to who you engage with romantically, and at times, it may feel like you've set up a hoop that you make others hop over, just to prove if they are worthy or not. Well, this usually ends up with people feeling too judged and pressured to want to stay with you, and as they leave, you tell them to not let the door hit them on the way out.

When it comes to relationships, you want it all, and 'all' means that this person has to be so completely compatible with you, that they are practically a mirror reflection of your own self, and you will find this person, believe it or not. And when they appear, it will be love at first sight.

Not only are you more fortunate than anyone else, you are smart enough to finally accept that an opportunity like this isn't going to come around twice in a lifetime. You've had your share of romantic affairs, but have you been in love with anyone, yet? Thursday introduces you to love, in the form of a person much like yourself. Ultimate compatibility; two people cut from the same cloth.


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3. Scorpio

You've always dreamed about being in a loving relationship where the two of you spend less time arguing and more time agreeing on 'everything.' You don't see the point in having to spend 'that much time' working things out with a loved one. Shouldn't it be easier? Well, in some case, yes. Some people just argue because they really aren't all that compatible but stay in the relationship because they love each other anyway.

You, on the other hand, are bored by the notion of having to do all that work just to maintain a romance. What you're looking for is what you'll find. You seek compatibility and likeness; you will find this is someone new, as they are introduced to you on Thursday. A dream come true? Quite possibly.

And so, dreams do come true, especially when you are clear about your intentions. Because you do not like to fight, you would prefer a partner who is agreeable and perhaps even laidback. This is just fine with you, and it works out because the person you are about to meet happens to crave the kind of personality that you embody. Things work out after all, Scorpio. You are no longer alone.


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