Relationships Improve Dramatically For 3 Zodiac Signs Starting On May 16

Thursday provides the right space at the right time to have this conversation.

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We've got ourselves a Virgo transit this Thursday, which happens to be in line with a Gibbous Moon. Honestly, for many of us, this brings up a topic we may feel we need to tackle, which concerns loyalty, monogamy, and the kind of commitment we wish to have with our partners. The thought that we all naturally opt in for monogamy is no longer a given, and many couples prefer to keep it 'open.'

We who oppose open relationships will speak up. This is not going to work for us, oh no. We may be 'the old-fashioned ones,' but we're also not about to 'get over it' any time too soon. So, if we are in a relationship that requires a talk on what 'kind' of romance this is, then Thursday, May 16, provides the right space at the right time to have this conversation.


Hey, it's better to have this talk than to wing it and get a big surprise later on due to a lack of communication. It's Taurus season right now, and we know what we want. Three zodiac signs will stand firm in their approach toward devotion, monogamy, and relationships. It's monogamy or the door for some, and these zodiac signs will be able to convey that message.


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Relationships improve for three zodiac signs on May 16, 2024:

1. Cancer

You'd like to think of yourself as someone who is 'so cool' that you wouldn't mind if your partner had someone else in their life for fun and romance as long as they don't fall in love. You're not 'that cool', and you never will be, because to you, Cancer, there is nothing cool about suffering with jealousy or wondering what your partner is up to when they aren't right by your side.

This is karma you'd rather not give yourself. You will come out with this 'law' because after mulling it over, you've learned that there is no way on Earth that you could ever be someone who could deal with a non-monogamous relationship. It's just not in your makeup, and during the Gibbous Virgo Moon, you'll make this known in no uncertain terms.

Virgo is very particular, and so are you, Cancer. While you can be the most loving person in the whole wide world, you are also somewhat possessive, and being that your partner signed on for YOU, they will have to be faithful to you, as well. This is what you want, and you are not about to compromise on this kind of arrangement.


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2. Leo

While you aren't at all interested in the double standard that sometimes comes around when couples talk about a monogamous relationship, as in 'you must be faithful to me while I mess around,' you know that if your relationship is to be bound by monogamy, then it's a two-way street. May 16 shows you that, when push comes to shove, you don't have to worry about where your partner is when they aren't with you.

What makes this a good and solid relationship is that you both agree, but reminders must be put in place. This is when you and your partner understand what's real. You aren't kidding around when you say you need full-on loyalty. You are also serious enough to let your partner know that if you catch them cheating, you're out.

During Thursday's Gibbous Virgo Moon, the conversation will flow, and the two of you can voice your opinions on the matter. What's good is that you both agree. What's better is that this kind of arrangement is what comes naturally to you both. So, May 16 is a win-win for you, Leo. There's nothing to worry about. It's a good idea to check in with this conversation every now and then to make sure you're both on the same page.


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3. Pisces

When you love someone, you want them all to yourself. You have nothing to prove to the world, and you don't feel it's anybody's business what you're doing. Should there be people out there who enjoy the freedom of an open relationship, then great? Live and let live, but where your love life is concerned, the idea of an open relationship is a no-go event—not happening, not at all.

Yes, you are possessive and jealous, and that's not about to stop at any time in the near or far future, so on during the Gibbous Virgo Moon, you'll once again reiterate to your partner that this is how you feel. Of course, this comes with a plea as well, which tells your partner that you are begging them not to cheat on you for fear of dire consequences.

What's beautiful about this may not be seen by others, but your partner treats your jealousy and possessiveness as love, and they are completely there for it. This makes for the perfect understanding. You and your partner are made for each other, and if monogamy is the only way you can relate, then so be it. This is your life, after all, Pisces, and you are going to live it your way.


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