Hardships Come To An End For 3 Zodiac Signs The Week Of May 20 - 26

This week has us learning a great many lessons.

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During the week of May 20 - 26, 2024, three zodiac signs will know that it's time to up our game regarding gullibility and false hope. We're looking at the cosmic situations that show us how naive we've been, and how we can change this if we do wish to. It seems that for these particular signs, the change was long overdue.

This week brings us Gemini season, a Moon opposite Mercury, the Sun trine Pluto, a Sagittarius Moon, Venus in Gemini, a Jupiter/Neptune alignment, Moon square Saturn, Jupiter in Gemini, and Moon square Mars. This cosmic soup may end up being very 'tasty,' but as we all know, we let the ingredients simmer before anything 'edible' comes out of the mixture.


This means that we will get a chance to reflect on our foolish naivete during this time, but we will also get a clear picture of what must be done in the future so that we no longer make decisions out of naivety. This week has us learning many great lessons, and the power is in the idea that these lessons will come to us in the coming days. We won't be fooled again, or rather ... we won't let ourselves fall prey to naive choices anymore.


3 zodiac signs whose hardships come to an end the week of May 20 - 26, 2024:

1. Cancer

You may have thought that you could get away with everything because of your charm and ability to be very kind to people. However, you've learned to use your kindness as a weapon so that those you've been kind to can never feel good about confronting you on something that may elicit a response from you that might not be 'as kind.'

What this week shows you, Cancer, is that you have been naive when it comes to how you perceive others. You have been acting subtly aggressively, and people catch on. 

You thought you could get away with something and will be disappointed that not everyone wants what you have to sell. You may even be called out as a 'fake,' and that will get your goat.


First of all, you are here for all the lessons you can get. If you got too comfy being the kind person who relies on their charming personality to get what they want and find that not everyone is necessarily on board with that, you'll listen. The universe is going out of its way to help you to be authentically kind. You've got all the goodness within you, Cancer. This is your chance to get real about it.

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2. Virgo

You thought you could do it, but you can't, and that's alright, Virgo. You are known as the zodiac's perfectionist, which sometimes puts a little too much pressure on you. You'd think it would be all about your expectations of others that would cause the greatest disappointment. You'll find that the only letdown is the one you see in yourself.

You have a great sense of self. While that is, indeed, a fantastic thing, it's also what makes you think you can do things you can't necessarily do, and this may show your naive side. While, on the one hand, you're able to see that you have high hopes and great aspirations, you may also have kidded yourself into thinking that you're above it all, and that's how this week shows you otherwise.


You're willing to learn and grow. What comes out of this week is a display of your naivety and foolishness, and the idea of it is so abhorrent to you that you feel you owe it to yourself never to act this way again. So, you won't, Virgo. You take to lessons very easily, mainly because you're super intelligent. You'll learn, and you'll grow. It's that simple.

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3. Scorpio

You aren't one to lose control, not if you can help it, and you may find that you've built yourself into what you believe is an ideal. You think you're better in certain ways than others are. While this isn't something you show off, it is something that makes life difficult for you when you are shown that, in certain aspects, you're no better than anyone else.

What have you come to terms with, Scorpio, is the idea that you naively told yourself that you could easily accomplish something that, quite clearly, cannot be done alone. You wanted to claim all the credit and to do so; you created the situation in such a way that others could not come in. They were disinvited by you to perform the task of helping out.


However, this week isn't all that bad, as you'll get the point and communicate to others that you can't do it all by yourself. You would be quite grateful if someone would help you at this time. You'll find that people are more than willing to help you, Scorpio and that there was no need to take it all on your own for the sake of what? Being able to say you can? You don't need that. Share the work with others, and it's OK.

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