3 Zodiac Signs Who Regret Breaking Up & Want Their Ex Back Starting May 14

Moon square Venus will tug at the strings of your heart.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Regret The Breakup & Want Their Ex Back Starting May 14 Fern, Dean Mitchell from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro/Pexels--2286921 via Canva

If you've ever found yourself filled with thoughts of your ex, wondering what it would be like to get back together with them, then you'll probably be doing just that on Tuesday, May 14, as Moon square Venus will tug at the strings of your heart as you 'accidentally' go over a few old photos of times gone by, when you and your ex were in 'very good shape.'

For those of us who have had the experience of loving someone and then losing them due to 'whatever,' we all know that there will be days like this when we can't get that person out of our minds. As the cosmos has it, the ones who are most affected by Moon square Venus are the ones whose zodiac signs tend to allow this kind of energy to take place.


We may even go as far as to convince ourselves that we want to be back with our exes, which may be an impossible dream, as time has passed and there's a very good chance they are in a new relationship. Hey, we might even be in one ourselves, but the mind will do its thing. During the Moon square Venus, three zodiac signs will think nonstop of their ex and 'what it would be like to reunite' with them.


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3 zodiac signs who regret breaking up and want their ex back on May 14

1. Aries

The last thing you'd ever expect yourself to do or feel is anything about your ex. Oh sure, at one point, this was the most important person in your life, possibly even 'the love of your life,' but as time passed, you and this person grew apart and that chasm never really looked like it would be filled. And so, on May 14, you'll find yourself thinking about this ex and how 'good' it really was.

It's the ol' 'hindsight is 20-20' thing, and during Moon square Venus, you'll start thinking that what you had and lost might have been the best relationship of your life. While you're happy with what you have now, and you might even be in a great romantic relationship at the moment, there will never be anyone like your ex. And this has you wondering about what it might be like to be with them now, in the present.

You won't be doing anything about this. You already know this, and if you ARE in a relationship now, you are more than likely very committed to the person you're with. Still, you are a human being and we humans tend to romanticize the impossible. You may have a melancholic moment or two during Moon square Venus on Tuesday, but you'll walk away smiling. It's not happening, and that's just fine.


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2. Virgo

You aren't even shy about your feelings towards your ex; your present partner knows all about this person, and while you try not to compare the two people, as you know that's a terrible thing to do, you've made it known that nobody will ever 'really' be able to fill that shoes of your first love. This ex of yours gave you everything: beauty and pain, and somehow, all of it was worth it to you.

During Moon square Venus, you may be a little more expressing your feelings than usual, which doesn't necessarily mean you'll be singing their praises, either. You had a tumultuous relationship with them, but that kind of drama really did the trick for you back then. While you love your peaceful and predictable life in the present, you may want to reflect on the good old days of high drama and nervous breakdowns.


Tuesday, May 14, shows you that you can want your ex back without actually wanting your ex back. The last thing in the world you'd ever want to happen is to somehow lose the precious person you are with now. This is the person who loves you and puts up with your flights of fancy. You'll spend some time wanting your ex back until reality hits, and you'll be grateful for what you have right now.

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3. Sagittarius

If only you and your ex had that life-saving conversation, yet you didn't. You two were thick as thieves; this was your number one love, and you were theirs. The love was so great and worked so well until one day...it didn't. It just seemed to creep up on you. Before you knew it, the great love turned into the great breakup. No one was happy, and nobody benefitted.

The years have passed by, and you have both grown into better individuals. Happiness is now something you can tap into any time you want. You are even happy for your ex, as they seem to have made a life for themselves, and one that is quite successful without you. You are both doing well, but on May 14, during Moon square Venus, you'll hold on to that one secret thought: "I wish we were still together."


It's all OK, Sagittarius. You've got plenty of great memories to thrill over, and so do they. What may bring a tear to your eye on May 14 isn't so much about what you can't have as about the power of communication. Had you been mature enough at the time to invoke it, you might have saved what you had. No regrets, though. This life is for experience, and you are just fine 'as is.'

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