3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On May 13, During Moon Trine Neptune

We are going to stand by our word and support the person we love.

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Monday starts us off on the right foot, as the Leo Moon trines Neptune and tells us we are true to our word. We are not only true but also devoted, and this devotion revolves around our relationship. The romance we started once a long time ago (or perhaps not that long ago) has developed into something very special. This is now a true partnership, and on May 13, we will stand by our word and support the person we love.


Some of us take vows to be faithful and true to the one we love. Marriages require these ideas, but the truth is...we like making vows. When we make vows of fidelity, we feel dharmic; we feel like a good person inside us wishes to manifest in the real world. We see ourselves as noble and valiant and want to live up to this ideal.

And why not? We will find that during the Leo Moon trine Neptune, we put our money where our mouth is, in so much as this is the time that has us knowing that our devotion to our partner is as real as it gets. May 13 is truly a day of union; whatever happens from here on in, we've signed on for. It's all doable, possible and more than likely that which will make us grow into good human beings. These three zodiac signs get a taste of true devotion on Monday.


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3 zodiac signs who are luckiest in love during Moon trine Neptune on May 13

1. Virgo

What you're about to see in motion is your partner's show of love for you in ways that you feel nobody on Earth could make happen. There's a reason you love this person, and so much of it is because they have made it their life to go out of their way for you. Your happiness is all they want. This is real. During Leo Moon trine Neptune, you will witness something spectacular happen.

You fully admit to being someone who isn't 'the easiest' person to get along with. Yet, your partner stands by your side, no matter what. You're not always that nice to them, either. You feel that you take advantage of them all the time, and still, you know in your heart that no one you could love more. This person is your soulmate, your true love, and they prove it daily.

When you are down, they pick you up. When you need support, they are there to show you that everything will be OK. When you moan and make demands, they give you your space. There is no one as loving to you as this person. You'll see them in rare form as they care for you in ways nobody else can. You are very, very lucky, Virgo.


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2. Libra

Sometimes, you do not feel you deserve the love you get, but you'd have a hard time convincing the person who loves you of this, as they aren't about to stop any time too soon. In fact, you've started to recognize that this person is so dedicated to you that they have vowed their loyalty to you and you alone. You will see just how true to you they are.

Because of the Leo Moon trine Neptune transit, there's a lot of power in the air, meaning that all emotions are amplified now. Your feelings of love and devotion towards your partner are on high, while their feelings are reciprocated; the two of you have definitely hit the jackpot. While it's still hard for you to believe that you are worthy of this love, apparently, you are.

Your partner not only puts you on a pedestal but is also very realistic about how they show you love. This isn't all dreamy magic here; this person comes through for you. They aren't all words; in fact, they are mostly actions. You can depend on this person for anything, anytime, and for the rest of your life. That's devotion. That's loyalty.


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3. Aquarius

You and your partner have something so special that you can't imagine what it would be like to even be with another person, ever. You feel more than gratitude to have this marvelous, dedicated person in your life; you feel amazed by the powers of the universe and how these powers seem to be directed toward making you happy. Whatever happened, you did something right, Aquarius. You'll be humbled by the amount of love your partner will show you.

While you don't like thinking about things like, "I couldn't live without them," you don't have to worry because your person is going nowhere. You've got yourself a partner who not only devotes their life to you but gives you the space so that you can grow...without them. They respect your wishes for solitude and should you crave their company, they are there by your side, in seconds.

You are so fortunate and transits like Leo Moon trine Neptune really up the ante for that kind of gratitude. You and your partner have vowed to stay together, and at this rate, that looks like the best game in town. May 13 basically reiterates what you already know. You are loved, adored, respected, catered to, and will always be the center of the universe to the person who loves you so.


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