3 Zodiac Signs May Have To Let Go Of Someone They Love On May 11

We either make the move to reconnect, or we let it go forever.

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One of the hardest things we can do in this lifetime is let go of someone we love, whether it's due to a breakup, a betrayal, or even a death. On Saturday, May 11, three zodiac signs may have to come to terms with the fact that a very loved person in their life is no longer coming home to them. We know we're talking about the heart because we're working with the Moon square Mars. There's deep pain in there, and yet we know, too, that we must carry on.


Some rifts happen between people and these chasms can separate us from a loved one. We uphold these private wars with pride and ego. We say things like, "I'll never speak to them again!" We refuse to call them by their name as if we have some kind of magical negative superpower that can wipe out their memory if we negate their name.

What happens with time is that the entire feeling fades, and that's what these three zodiac signs will be experiencing this Saturday. What we thought was a mere argument, turned into a way, then the silent treatment, and as time went on we grew apart, in earnest. It is during this time that we either make the move to reconnect, or we let it go forever. Moon square Mars lets us know that if we do choose to move on it stands beside our choice.


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3 zodiac signs may have to let go of someone they love on May 11, 2024:

1. Virgo

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You can hardly believe you must go through this again, but it certainly looks like you're about to face the facts: the person you've loved and spent so much time with is not returning. Whether this is their plan or yours, it no longer matters. What you've come to see is that the person you once loved has gotten themselves into a situation that can no longer be 'saved' by you. You know that on May 11, you have to let them go.

You didn't want this, nor did you plan it, but Moon square Mars came into town and showed you that 'it's time.' In a way, you felt that a time like this would make itself known to you. Well, here we are, and on Saturday, you'll know in your heart that there is no returning to this relationship. It's sad but true. This is something you can get through, and you know this.

You have experienced healing from bad relationships. It's not that there is anything wrong with the relationship you have to say goodbye to. There's something wrong with the person you must let go of. You've come to realize that this person isn't going to change and that you don't have enough time on Earth to be their savior. You need to start saving yourself and are one with this idea.

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2. Taurus

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The hardest part for you is that you know, on some level, that you're the one who made this happen, meaning that you are aware that you might have pushed someone out of your life simply by being too pushy or forceful. While, in your mind, you are always well-intended, you have also come to see that sometimes other people 'don't want to go your way', and that this is not only real but a deal breaker for many.

During the Moon square Mars, the person you've tried to hold on to needs to move on, and the more you press them, the further they float outwards as if they were an astronaut on a line in space. The irony here is that this 'astronaut' is about to cut their line, which is their desperate attempt to get away from you. They did love you, but they can't tolerate your behavior.


You are smart, and you are a natural-born healer, and the healing you'll be doing on May 11 is the kind that heals your heart. You must let go of this person, as irreconcilable differences here cannot and will not ever be mended. It's best to let them go and move on with your life. You'll get this on Saturday; you'll understand that letting go is best now.

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3. Pisces

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The person you are with is about to be the person you will leave. This has to happen because if it doesn't, you will be unhappy. You've lived the life of a repressed person, and this relationship seems to be sapping you dry of your every positive feeling. You desperately need to regain control of your life, and you'll see the light in the form of the Moon square Mars, which opens the doors to opportunity for you.

What's going on is that this transit is pushing you towards doing what you've known for far too long must be done: you need to say goodbye. Goodbye to a partner who no longer appreciates you and has you pegged for a fool. You are no such thing and you know it, and as of Saturday, they will know it, too.

As soon as you make the move to let go of this person mentally, you'll watch as the rest of the pieces fall into place. This is no longer your 'partner'. This is someone who has become a total stranger to you. As you gather your strength together to make the big move, you'll start to remember that you are indeed a superpower. No one gets to hurt you again and again. You will save yourself from this fate—free at last.


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