3 Zodiac Signs Whose Romantic Relationships Improve On May 10

We may find ourselves in a romantic situation that sparks our attention.

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With May comes newness; for many, this is the month where we start to get into the groove of Spring as we prepare for Summer. It's just a 'feel,' and we can't help but accept it and stay open. We'll see that on Friday, May 10, not only are we ready to flow with all that is new and exciting, but we find ourselves in a romantic situation that sparks our attention.

During May 10's Cancer Moon/Mercury transit, we are willing to fall in love and be honest with ourselves about it. This means that, for three zodiac signs, all the right elements, including our minds, are in place. While falling in love and starting a new relationship may be something we equate with the heart, we will be aware that intellectually and emotionally, we believe what we're about to do is right.


We will start something new with someone new because we believe this will work. While that sounds like what we'd do anyway, there's a slight difference; we are experienced now. We know what we want and what we will not do. Because of this Cancer/Mercury aspect, we will link our hearts with our minds and find ourselves in a new romantic situation that feels very right to us.


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3 zodiac signs whose romantic relationships improve on May 10

1. Cancer

What's interesting about you, Cancer, is that you've staved off love for so long that you really have yourself convinced that you don't need it in your life anymore and that you are somehow 'safer' without having someone in your life to 'tend to.' While you've spent a fair enough amount of time feeling bitter due to past experiences with lovers, you need to be warned: May 10 will bring someone new into your life, and you guessed it: you're going to fall in love with them.

How wonderful for you, Cancer. The great part about this is that you get to know that you are not limited by feelings created in the past. Yes, you've seen your share of heartbreaking experiences, but you can also adapt to the idea that change is part of your nature. You've got the energy of a Cancer/Mercury transit on your side, and even though you didn't think it was possible, you're going to learn that it's not only possible to fall in love again but probable.

This new person in your life has shown you that it's worth taking a chance and starting a new relationship. At this point, all is fair in love and war, as they say, and you feel that you're 'game' for it all. Friday is the start of something big, new and exciting, and you're feeling at this point is, 'why not?'


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2. Virgo

You may wake up on Friday with a refreshed feeling in your heart as you think you might be on the verge of starting something new romantically with someone you've recently met. There's just something about this person that makes you happy, and as you look around at your life, you feel you could use this kind of booster shot when it comes to love.

You've got a Cancer/Mercury transit to help you transition from the heart to the mind. This means that the person you've been considering as a future partner now looks like they could be more than just a temporary fancy to you. You've started to see certain traits in this person that make you feel secure, happy, and ready to take that chance.

You'll see that it may very well be worth your while, as the stars are most definitely in your favor regarding love and relationships. Life is about to get very interesting for you, Virgo, and this Friday marks a new beginning for you. This could also imply you'll go out on your first date now. It's a very romantic and fun idea, and you are happy to welcome this new kind of thinking into your life. Good luck!


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3. Libra

You aren't always the person who likes to admit that you are in love because you try to keep a cool, calm image going, but every now and then, you can't help but fall for someone who captures your heart. That's what Friday brings you, Libra ... a vision of the person who is about to steal your heart, mind, and all that goes with it. And guess what? You will give it all up because you fully consent to such an action.

Due to the power of Cancer/Mercury energy, you can allow yourself this pleasure. Your heart and mind are in synch, and you have come to trust yourself. If you feel good about the person you have just fallen in love with, then, after sufficient dissection of them, you'll see that you don't care to overthink them anymore; it's done. You're in. Smitten is the word, I believe.

And so it goes, Libra. Here's the beginning of a new romance for you; you are not questioning it. It's all good to you, and you are willing to put aside any jaded notions. You are here to live your life, and if love comes your way, as it does on May 10, then you will happily give it up for love, for life, for all that is good in the world. Consider this day to be brilliant and shiny.


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