2 Zodiac Signs Are Fated To Experience Abundance On May 14

It's their authenticity that brings a unique fate into view.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 14 Ann's Archetype from Ann Design, SHOTPRIME, Bonbonny

This Tuesday, two zodiac signs can experience abundance, with Lilith and Virgo and the Sun helping to create an authentic mindset. Authenticity is the key to abundance, as you can’t attract the life meant for you until you have stepped into the full radiance of who you are meant to be. Authenticity is when you lead with your soul, which means operating from the truth of who you are instead of maintaining beliefs about who you should be. This life is yours, but to manifest the abundance you desire, you first must begin to live as if it already is and revel in the confidence of making each decision from your deepest truth.

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Lilith in Virgo will align with the Taurus Sun on Tuesday, May 14, creating a portal of authenticity in which you will be guided to honor your inner truth to manifest your life destined for you. Lilith helps harness your inner rebel where you are more inclined to follow your heart than abide by rules that keep you from your purpose. 


As Lilith aligns with the Taurus Sun, you are being urged to take action in your life as you seize the power that true authenticity brings and make any changes necessary so that you show up as the author of your life. When you embrace your inner power of authenticity, it creates both miracles and abundance.

 2 zodiac signs manifest their fated abundance on May 14

1. Virgo

Abundance Affirmation: I am enough and worthy to manifest all of my dreams.

Asteroid Lilith, the rebel of the zodiac, is in your sign of Virgo which is helping you examine your beliefs and the truths you allow to control your decisions. While some of these may be your authentic truth, others are those that have been imposed upon you by others or past experiences in your life. To expand your life with greater abundance and luck, you are being guided to focus solely on what you want from life and who, in your heart, you feel you are meant to become.

Lilith in Virgo will align with the Sun in Taurus on Tuesday, May 14, helping you to make enormous strides in your pursuit of authenticity. While Lilith in Virgo is helping you examine your inner beliefs and honor more of your core truth, regardless of what others may think — the Taurus Sun is lighting up your house of luck and abundance. In this place of your life, Taurus urges you to make a plan for success, not because everything will go perfectly, but so that you can create a secure foundation before taking any leaps of faith as you work to manifest all you’ve ever wanted.


With the energy of Lilith and the Taurus Sun, you will feel more confident in the plans that you’ve made, which will allow you to launch into a brilliant and abundant new chapter. You remain mindful of moving from your most authentic self, as you refuse to let anyone dictate what you can achieve or experience. Doing so allows you to use new opportunities, including those for travel or expansion, to help you create more of that abundant life you have dreamed of. Just remember that at a certain point, you will have done all the planning possible, and so the next step is simply to take action, trusting that anything else you need to figure out will become apparent as you progress on this path of abundance.

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2. Aries

Abundance Affirmation: I am empowered to create a life that supports my best self.

You have been more reflective about what actually will make up the life that you have dreamed of, and because of that, your priorities have shifted. Perhaps success isn’t only defined by your career but by your personal life or the quality time you can spend with those you love. By reprioritizing your life, you are also starting to honor more of your well-being and the time and space you need to feel like your best self. Gone are the days when you are ruthlessly trudging forward or exhausting yourself over the pursuit of external validation, and in the spaces created, you can craft a life of true and utter abundance.


On Tuesday, May 14, Lilith in Virgo will align with the Taurus Sun, highlighting themes of self-worth, wealth, and your personal well-being. The energy of Lilith and the Sun will present opportunities for you to change your daily routine, or focus on your well-being to create a more abundant life financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically as well. You are learning that abundance reflects not only what you have in the bank but also how you feel in your life. As you are still growing accustomed to this growing shift within yourself, embrace the opportunities to enjoy your life and the people in it, because this era of your life is all about learning to receive what is meant for you.

The Sun in Taurus highlights financial gains, but you need to ensure that you are worthy to receive that, especially by doing less. This debunks the whole mindset that to build wealth, you need to keep working endlessly, and instead, you learn how to approach finances smarter and not necessarily harder. By opening to receive an abundant flow of finances in your life, you also are caring for yourself — and creating plenty of time to enjoy moments with those important to you.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.