2 Zodiac Signs Who Free Themselves From The Past & Experience Abundance On May 11, 2024

Liberate yourself into abundance.

2 Zodiac Signs Who Free Themselves From The Past & Experience Abundance On May 11 REtno Pratiwi, TMGZ2021, pixelshot | Canva Pro

Freedom is defined by the ability to be who you are meant to be without letting conditioning or fears dictate your choices. This internal freedom of authenticity opens the pathway for you to craft your life around what feels most aligned with your soul and what you feel is infused with energy. Abundance works in the same way. It radiates on a high vibration, so it's easier to attract what you want and manifest what you desire — once you are on the same frequency. This begins your liberation to live whatever life your heart dreams of.

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On Saturday, May 11, Lilith in Virgo will align with Uranus in Taurus, bringing you a surge of personal freedom to deal with the unexpected shifts as you grow a more abundant life. Lilith represents a rebellious, free-spirited energy that often asks you to break away from what is comfortable or known and instead walk a path that is all your own. 


Uranus in Taurus, the planet of shock and awe, intensifies Lilith's energy. It is meant to work as the divine disrupter in your life to bring you precisely where you are meant to be. Let yourself not just seek freedom under this energy but declare it so that you can become the person who can live the abundant, incredible life you desire.

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2 zodiac signs who experience abundance on May 11

1. Sagittarius 

Abundance Affirmation: I work hard to create abundance in my career.

2 Zodiac Signs Who Free Themselves From The Past & Experience Abundance On May 11, 2024 Adrien Olichon from Pexels | Canva Pro


Be so committed to your success that nothing and no one can stand in the way of you achieving your destiny. Deep within your soul, you know you're meant for more in this life and have a divine purpose you're called to fulfill. This inner knowing is a part of your authentic truth and the divine guidance connecting you with increased abundance in your life. But, to achieve this, you must also be willing to take your path, leaving behind what isn’t meant for you, and honor your dreams for success above anything else.

On Saturday, Lilith in Virgo will align with Uranus in Taurus, bringing about positive developments within your career and life. Lilith in Virgo is activating your professional sector, helping you do what is necessary for your success, even if it means breaking free from the ideas others have had for you — or finding a more untraditional path to abundance. The energy of Lilith energy in Virgo will allow you to become radical in the pursuit of your success. You can envision your destination and journey there as it aligns with Uranus in Taurus in your daily routines and well-being sector.

Lilith in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus will bring significant opportunities to your life, allowing you to have the professional success you desire and the life you have been dreaming of. You may find that there are unexpected changes where you may work more remotely or at different hours, but by surrendering to these shifts, you can enjoy more of your overall life. It’s okay to break the so-called rules sometimes, especially if it means that you aren’t just working for success but able to thrive in abundance.

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2. Pisces

Abundance Affirmation: I am designing the romantic life of my dreams.

2 Zodiac Signs Who Free Themselves From The Past & Experience Abundance On May 11, 2024 Adrien Olichon from Pexels | Canva Pro

The only guarantee in life is that it won’t go according to plan, but when you can start to see how the universe is always working for you, you can smile with appreciation when events change in unexpected ways. This idea of your destiny being far better than what you could have imagined is especially true in your romantic life, where you learn that what you thought you wanted — may not be what you needed.


On Saturday, a dynamic alignment between Lilith in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus will bring unexpected offers or conversations within your romantic life, which can help you design the life of your dreams. Lilith in Virgo inspires you to break away from any stereotypes about love or how to have a long-term relationship and instead make up your rules based on what feels right for you. As Lilith in Virgo meets Uranus in Taurus, it brings in the unexpected, which can help free you to receive the most abundant love. When you are bold enough to declare what you desire to the universe, you can also feel liberated to follow your heart, no matter what direction it may lead you in.

Use the energy of Lilith and Uranus to ensure that you’re not letting the ideas or preconceptions of others determine the choices that you’re making in your romantic life. Allow yourself to honor what or who you want in your life, and then be so confident that nothing else matters but the love that is shared. By doing so, you will prepare for the unexpected offers and conversations that Uranus in Taurus will deliver, which is all about being free to say yes to the love you have always dreamed of.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.