3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Life's Challenges Now Through May 19

Why are we not satisfied?

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We have a Mars/Moon alignment taking place at the top of this week, and that's going to have many of us feeling a little unsatisfied with our lot in life. While it's true that we must accept what we get in this life, there's that tendency to want more. As the week progresses, we'll see that transits like Moon opposite Pluto and Mercury in Taurus, reach into us and stoke those fires; what happened to our lives? Why are we not satisfied?

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We're going to see that during the week of May 13 - 19, 2024, we aren't satisfied with what we have. On some level, we feel we 'deserve' more than we've presently got. We could use a Libra transit this week. Yet, we're over here, judging and complaining by the light of Saturn, Pluto and Mars. Thankfully, a Libra Moon is coming up on the 18, and that may just put our lives into perspective for us.


Three zodiac signs will come full circle during this time as we embark on a journey of the soul. What starts with us looking at our lives with disappointed eyes has us reflecting on the beauty of what we do have and how much we appreciate it all. We may not be satisfied with accepting our lot in life, but as the week progresses, we will grow to love it. Life is precious, and we come face to face with that idea during the week of May 13 - 19, 2024.

3 zodiac signs who overcome life's challenges now to May 19

1. Leo

If asked if this is where you saw yourself, long ago, when you had big dreams and the energy to make those dreams come true, you might feel that during the week of May 13 - 19, you are less than satisfied with your situation. You aren't down about it, you're just not quite used to the idea that somehow, your big dream took a side road, and well, here you are, now.

A lot is going on during this week, and with transits like Moon opposite Pluto, you might find that, while not feeling depressed about it, you're spending a little too much time wondering where you went wrong. You might find that Pluto's energy pushes you towards feelings of regret, and you may find yourself saying, "Why did I make that mistake, how could I be so blind?"

Seeing that you are still here, still alive and vibrant, humbles you, even in your darkest hour. You are, by nature, a very cheerful and optimistic person, Leo, and even though you allow yourself moments of dismay, you are also the person who pulls yourself up and out of it. Life is worth living, and whether or not you're the golden ideal you had in mind for yourself when you were a kid, it matters not. There's always a light on for you, and you'll never let it dim.


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2. Virgo

When you got together with your romantic partner, you had it in mind that the two of you would grow and grow as a couple. While that seemed to be going strong for a while there, it's almost as if you've both come to this deal halt. Neither one of you seems to have the energy to get it together, and this disturbs you, yet it doesn't provoke you into making the first move.

What this week offers you is the get-up-and-go power that certain astrological transits bring, and during the Libra Moon, you're going to realize that this thing isn't going to mend itself. You have to be a part of it; whether your partner is asleep at the wheel or not, it takes time. Someone has to be the rabble-rouser here, and it looks like that job falls on you, Virgo.

OK, so be it. If it must be you, then you'll take the initiative and do what you think is best. What you know is that you can't settle for this 'stale' lack of communication. You and your person finally recognize that it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to settle for less when you can create greatness within your reach. Do it. Do it.


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3. Aquarius

This week, you have asked friends and experts for guidance on 'what to do about your love life.' On one hand, you want to hear what others think; on the other, you don't want your pretty picture disturbed. It's as if you only want to hear good news, and seriously, who could blame you? Then again, if we open ourselves up to the opinions of others, we have to expect that some opinions might not gel with what we want to hear.

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Moon opposite Pluto plus you in a direct line with an opposing thought, made vocal, and much to your regret. You asked, and so you have to deal with the fact that you put your thoughts out there, but now that someone has taken you up on it, what they say tends to bother you all week long. You don't enjoy being rattled like this, but you have a sneaking feeling that there's a way around it.


If you are true to yourself, then there are no worries here, Aquarius. OK, now you know. If you ask someone for their expert opinion, they will give it; if you don't like it, it will make you feel bad. So, what's the upside here? Next time, you don't ask. It's that simple. Everyone has something to say, and if you're not ready to hear their thoughts, don't ask for them. This relaxes you and makes you feel better.

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