The Universe Has A Special Message For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 7

When we feel good, we attract positive energy to ourselves.

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Since it's May 7, we're all starting to feel the vibe of the month, which feels good. When we feel good, we attract positive energy to ourselves, and this Tuesday, during the transit of the Moon conjunct Venus, that vibe will be magnetic. Three zodiac signs will be open to the good news coming our way from the universe.

To be open and to stay open, we need to admit that right here and now, 'everything is fine.' While that may be a tall order for some, there are three zodiac signs willing to let go of so much internal baggage to make room for the positive energy that WANTS to prevail in our lives. In other words, we will allow the good news to come to us. We will get out of our own way and just do it.


It takes courage to get out of our own way. There's usually a life's worth of 'reasoning' and rationalizing that got us to build up those walls in the first place. If we are to receive the brilliant news that we are due on Tuesday, we should try to understand that we are worth it fully. We are worthy of good things. We are worthy of being treated well, told nice things, honored as a partner, and beloved as friends and family members.


A special message from the universe for 3 zodiac signs on May 7:

1. Cancer

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You've had enough, and it shows. What this really means is that you are now completely ready to let love in and have a good life. While that totally sounds idealistic, well, then, consider yourself an idealist as you aren't interested in anything but having a happy life and doing all you can do to make that a reality. You are finally open to being happy, and while that might have seemed like a no-brainer, you'd be surprised at how many people stand in their own way when it comes to receiving happiness.

Good news is coming to you during the Moon conjunct Venus, and May 7 shows you that you are not only open to hearing it but also not going to overthink it. In the past, that was your biggest problem: doubting the good news, wondering when the ice would break, or finding ways to sabotage your interpretation of good news. You looked for the dark side, and guess what? You found it.


And then, the Moon conjunct Venus has you considering the idea that maybe you're entitled to some good news. Bingo! That's the moment it all changes for you, Cancer. So, if believing is seeing, then you're on the right track this Tuesday. You believe that you are due for some happy news, and so you'll see it happen. Don't stop believing, and stay with the positive vibe.

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2. Leo

The Universe Has A Special Message For Leo On May 7 Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay | Canva Pro


Just as soon as you finally give up on waiting for a certain 'verdict' to appear in your life, it comes, and the news is good. You're getting to live through that weird phenomenon of giving it up and getting it all, and the reason you get it all on Tuesday is because you relinquish your attachment to the outcome. You made a space for the universe, and during the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, that space allowed for love to enter.

Because you got yourself to a place of total detachment, you created the cosmic environment for good things to come your way. You are no longer needy or greedy. You are patient and accepting, and this mixture ignites the universal flow of positivity. You'll hear some very good news on Tuesday, and it will help you to feel peaceful and at ease.

This is something you can take with you for the rest of your life, too, Leo. This detachment is something that works for you while it doesn't take away your love. You might be less attached to the outcome, but in this way, you can love more. There is nothing to stop you now, and Leo, this is a great opportunity for you to continue practicing the art of detachment, as it seems to make you a magnet for positive vibes.

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3. Virgo

The Universe Has A Special Message For Virgo On May 7 Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay | Canva Pro

Good news comes to you in the form of something positive happening at the workplace. It's something you really want in your life, Virgo, as you've had so many troubles in this department before. May 7 shows you that the situation you feel you've 'endured' at work is not in any way a threat to you. You have one of those situations where you constantly feel threatened by the idea of losing this job, and the universe brings you good news: you are secure.

During Moon conjunct Venus, you'll receive word that your job is in no way being threatened. You can work this job as long as you like, and while that in itself may feel overwhelming as you aren't exactly in love with the work you do, you'll be happy to know that at least you are secure. Nobody's throwing you out. You are safe, secure and employed. It's all good.


While Moon conjunct Venus brings you the good news of security, the good vibe will flow into your home life. When you are happy, so is your romantic partner. So, you can look forward to the day with open arms. One bit of good news leads to better and better situations all around. The butterfly effect is on. one good thing leads to another ... and another ... and another. Good for you, Virgo.

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