3 Zodiac Signs Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On May 6

Nostalgic feelings lead to acceptance of the present.

3 Zodiac Signs Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On May 6 Teslariu Mihai via Unsplash / Ahmed Maghraby and Be keronyart via Canva

Monday promises to be a bit of a test, especially for three zodiac signs. The transit brings us the Moon square Pluto, which instantly suggests being tied to the past and possibly unable to move away from it. In this case, May 6 shows us that we are still concentrated on things like our childhood; nothing spells 'attached to the past' like childhood yearnings.

And while it's not all that bad to crave the 'good old days, ' we may find that on Monday, May 6, during the transit of Moon square Pluto, we start to romanticize the past in such a way that it obliterates the present. By focusing too hard on something that once was and can never be again, we project qualities onto it that never existed. Three zodiac signs will be remembering their childhood sweetheart at this time, and while there's nothing there to remember, we use this false memory to make ourselves feel nostalgic in the present.


We glorify the old days because we want to feel that we're living full lives, and if we are disappointed with how things turned out in the present, we want to give ourselves a jolt of memory, even if that memory is like a painting of a scene that never existed. What makes this time rough for us is that, on some deep level, we know what we're doing. The upside is that we get to feel well-rounded and experienced. There was a childhood sweetheart, this is true but the other side of the coin shows us that if we knew them now, we would probably not be as interested in them as we think. Times change, and so do people.


3 zodiac signs overcome the past and heal from heartache on May 6

1. Taurus

There's a lesson to be learned on Monday, May 6, and it's going to have you wondering why you continuously go back to thinking about that one person in your life, especially when times feel hard, as they might these days. You had a childhood crush, and while it seemed to be filled with stars and great hopes, the reality of this person is not as beautiful ... this is where the wake-up call comes in.

What's meant by all of this is that you have kept this childhood sweetheart of yours on a pedestal, and in all honesty, they don't deserve to be there, as the reality of this person is that they aren't as wonderful as you had wished they would be. During Moon square Pluto, you'll see that even though you always run back to them in your mind, they aren't worth the fuss.

You'll be able to see things from a different perspective at this time, as Moon square Pluto is here to show you a different vantage point. If you are having trouble with your present mate, you needn't look back at your old flame as if they were the messiah; they are just another person. Once you realize that your attachment to them is part of living out a childhood dream, you can free yourself and live in the present.

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2. Scorpio

You have started to notice something about yourself, Scorpio. When you feel like the world is 'too much,' you tend to fall into old memories, as if those memories hold the key to the happiness you are not experiencing in the now. On May 6, the Moon square Pluto transit will guide you, and it has the power to redirect your view.

There was someone in your past...a long, long time ago, and they made a real impression on you. You liked them, perhaps enough to convince yourself that you loved them. But the reality is that this person was just an image, a fantasy figure based on someone you had a crush on when you were very young. You've never let go of this 'image', and you tend to turn to it when you feel pain, as you do now, in the relationship you are presently in.

This transit, Moon Square Pluto, is a wake-up call for you, Scorpio. It will set you back into the real world, where you don't need to look backward to feel happiness. You have a beautiful and loving partner who needs your attention right now. Live in the present, forget the past. The present needs you, and with Moon square Pluto at your back, you'll understand exactly what this represents.

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3. Aquarius

It's taken you a very long time to get over that one childhood crush, and yet, somehow, you always tend to remember them when times get hard. Perhaps you've turned them into a romantic hero in your life, and knowing that you have an actual romantic hero makes you feel special, as if you've got something that others don't have.

During the transit of Moon square Pluto on May 6, you'll notice something: this person isn't here. They aren't saving you or coming back to show you their love. They are a memory, and you no longer feel you can hold on to it. While this may be a sad realization for you, it's the very thing that will liberate you and bring you into the present, where you belong.

Once you adapt to being in the present, you won't feel the need to blame the past for this or that; you will very easily come to terms with your life ' at the moment,' and that, with the help of the Moon square Pluto, will help you find a new love and experience new things. Your childhood crush was a great fantasy, but was it ever real? A real fantasy, yes, but the present offers much more. Enjoy your life, Aquarius.


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