How The Taurus Moon Creates Luck In Love For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 6

We are not giving up on our romantic relationships.

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We've all heard about Taurus and its ties to traits like stubborn behavior or an inability to move forward. When we are in the presence of a Taurus transit, we stick to our guns. We stay with what we believe and become immovable objects we've all heard of. On Monday, during the Moon in Taurus, we will singlehandedly save our relationship, and for one reason alone: we will not give up on it.

The idea of breaking up may happen. This is a ghastly notion to those of us who have zero plans on considering that. It's not happening, not on the watch for three zodiac signs here, that's for sure. We are rejecting the idea of splitting up; that's for cowards. We are here to see this relationship through and work on its health, not its ending.


May 6 brings us the big, beautiful Taurus Moon, and it's what's going to save our romantic relationships. If we are strong enough to get behind it, we can know ourselves to be as strong and stealthy as the Moon. We are, quite literally, saying 'no' to breaking up. We have our reasons, oh yes. This one is not dissolving all the quickly, not while we're around.

How the Taurus Moon creates luck in love for three zodiac signs on May 6

1. Taurus

Well, it's no surprise you find power and strength during the Taurus Moon. May 6 will show you how you can use that strength very pointedly. You've got a situation on hand, Taurus, and if you don't plant yourself firmly in what you believe, you may be swept off your feet. It's time to dig down with those heels because you refuse to give in now.


What opposes you this Monday is the idea that if you don't fight for your love life, it will fall apart, and right now, it doesn't seem like your partner has the energy to stand up and fight for it. So, if that responsibility falls on your shoulders, so be it because you are not going down without a fight. If breaking up is an option, you are clearly saying a firm 'NO' to it. Breaking up is not an option; interestingly enough, your partner will be very glad you were the strong one here.

You are the strong one because you're not giving in. Yes, couples have their down times, and yes, you and your partner have seen some seriously trying times but give up on this love. Oh, heck no! This is not something you are going to let go of, and you know in your heart that not only is this the right decision, but that it's the one that's going to open the doors to better fortune and greater happiness.

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2. Cancer

You and your romantic partner have been at each other's throats for too long. While you know this is 'something that happens,' you'll see it negatively affects your partner. Their sadness has led them to think about breaking up and whether or not this might be best for the both of you. Well, that's the most offensive thought you've ever heard, Cancer, and no way are you giving up on this relationship.


This brings up the idea of change and the question of whether you are willing to change for the sake of the relationship. On May 6, you'll see that your partner is suffering. They don't want to break up either, but they don't want to fight anymore. Is there a realistic solution here? During the Taurus Moon, things change in your mind, and right now, you have to admit that you are ready to transform.

You feel you have to take at least some responsibility for why the two of you fight as often as you do. Doing so lets you see exactly what's kept you at odds with this person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. This is a healing time for you, Cancer, and if you can make this kind of 'acceptance' a lifestyle, you'll never again have to worry about silly thoughts like breaking up. No way!

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3. Sagittarius

This is your big opportunity, Sagittarius. Your loved one has mentioned something about breaking up with you, and while you know that they are still on the fence about it, you also know that you can't just let this go. This is where you have to confront your deepest fears and speak up. When you, as a partner, are in a loving but fragile relationship, speak honestly so that you and your person can come back together again.


Breaking up is not an option, yet your partner seems sad about the events. You cannot have this. You need to convey the message to them that it's all going to be OK. It absolutely will, as May 6 brings you the Taurus Moon, and that will give you both the strength you need to have that open and honest conversation—the one you've put on hold for far too long.

Monday is your lucky day, and while you may not know it right now, you'll realize just how important it is to you to stay with this person. You're not going to let them go, and you're not going to break up. You have a ton and a half of reasons why, all of which you will share with them. Honesty saves the day, Sagittarius, and, in your case, the relationship. Good luck.

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