3 Zodiac Signs Are Stronger Than Their Problems On May 3

This is the time when we know we can rise above any obstacles on our path.

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This Friday has us feeling very good about a certain bold move that we are about to make, and that kind of true self-confidence is the stuff that comes to our rescue in the coming days. We see adversity before us. What do we do? Do we shrink at the idea that it's up to us to conquer it, or do we stand up and act accordingly? As self-respecting individuals, we are no longer there to take whatever is handed to us. We will stand up for ourselves, and if necessary, we will fight.


We're not talking about a physical fight, but for three zodiac signs, adversity is very important. This desire to do the right thing and live the right way will be backed up by a very powerful Mars/Pluto alignment. This is no joke, zodiac signs. If your sign is mentioned below, know this: Friday is for getting past what needs to be done and over with. This is the time when we know, for sure, that we can rise above just about any obstacles in our path.


We'll find that during this Mars/Pluto transit, we are well-equipped with courage and the ability to stand our ground. We shrink for nothing and no one during this time. We'll see that on Friday, May 3, we may surprise ourselves with how strong we can be in the face of adversity and how effective we are when we choose the right words to pave the way.

Three zodiac signs are stronger than their problems on May 3

1. Taurus

Friday's Mars/Pluto alignment is one to take notice of; Taurus, you will need to make a big decision. However, this decision cannot be made with the heart. You'll avoid an emotional reaction and use your intellect to understand what's happening here. Something is going on in your life that has you feeling very challenged. You need to address this adversity now.

You have immense self-esteem and have no problem whatsoever loving yourself. However, you've noticed that your relationship with your partner is compromising. It's as if to love them fully, you need to remove something from yourself, and that's what's bothering you now.

To overcome this, you can stand strong and explain what's on your mind while pulling no punches. You do not want to become 'less' than who you are and feel you've fought hard to become this self-loving individual. You don't want your partner to get in your way. So, all can be resolved if you are smart and open to change, as long as that change doesn't end up diminishing you, Taurus.


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2. Gemini

You never thought you could overcome that one little problem in your life, especially because it wasn't up to you to do the work. This Friday, you'll experience an unexpected connection to follow through, meaning the person who ghosted you a long time ago and left you hanging. They want to know if you'd be interested in 'talking it out.'

At first, this brings up all the old, bad memories, and you may feel Memory Lane is way too toxic to go down. Yet, you are curious about what this person is like now, and being that you sort of love them still, you'd be interested in reconnecting on one condition: you don't talk about the past. That's where the problem is for you, and you don't want to go over it again.

The great part is that this person is now guilty and taking responsibility for their rash behavior. While they feel bad about ghosting you, they are just as eager to get past the dreaded past as you are. The love is still there, Gemini; it got a little stupid there for a while. Love can grow, and people can change. Friday, you find that you're open to this new arrangement.


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3. Virgo

Who knew you'd feel this way during the Mars/Pluto alignment? What's meant by that is that you know just what to do in the face of adversity. You can't help but feel as though you are no longer interested in anything that brings up bad feelings or negativity. Whatever happens to you is something your intelligent mind tells you to walk away from.

OK, what's going on with you, Virgo, is that you will turn down a fight for the first time in forever. Yep, that's right; while it's hard to imagine NOT having the last word, you'll see that during this Mars/Pluto transit, you don't want to sully yourself sinking lower than you need to. You aren't playing into anyone's hands anymore. If someone opposes you, then that's the way the cookie crumbles, as they used to say in prehistoric times.

You will overcome adversity, and you will do it because you've learned the hard way that to get too involved with something means you have to go all in, and you don't have the time or the energy to invest in nonsense. OK, so it may not be nonsense to the person trying to rile you up, but to you. You've learned your lesson already, and you're not playing into it. Good for you. Rising with Virgo.


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