3 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Improve Dramatically On April 30

Mars entering Aries is your moment to shine.

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On April 30, during Mars in Aries, three zodiac signs will realize something that could potentially change their lives, forever — and for the better. Our mighty intelligence kicks in, but along with it comes our intuition and ability to put things together in our minds. You don't get Mars in Aries without a kick in the brain, and that's exactly what's going down for these three zodiac signs on Tuesday.


Let's call it an 'a-ha' moment—that moment of recognition when suddenly everything makes sense. Once you get that a-ha moment, you don't go back to who you were only moments ago. We're working with major transformation material here, and while revolutionary moves like this usually come with a downside, that downside is only part of the 'payment' for the amazing upside we're about to experience.


So, get ready for major change, zodiac signs. Your life is about to be seen through different eyes. There are no regrets here, and there is no 'past' here either. We are now on a course set for the future; the now is our vehicle. The past is a used resource, a memory, not exactly worthless but not holding much weight. Tuesday is the day that three zodiac signs have an epiphany. No small potatoes.

3 zodiac signs whose lives improve on April 30

1. Aries

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When you, Aries, experience the transit of Mars in Aries, there's no joke going on. This is serious business, and that means you will experience something major. You have been open to learning, and while you may not have had that super duper revelation that shows you the 'meaning of life' yet, this day will bring you something pretty close to it. This is the day you will be saying, "A-ha! So, THAT'S what it's all about."


Mars in Aries is a thinker's paradise, and you'll be all over that, but what is very noticeable to you is that, on some level, you asked for this revelation. You put in the time and did the work, and while you couldn't pinpoint exactly what would result from such effort, this day brings you your BINGO moment. You find what you need to heal your life and move on.

The fun part is that your 'a-ha' moment causes you to laugh over how simple it all seems. Your big moment may come to you with the force of a parade of planets all lining up and singing to you, but the end product is simple and elegant. Now, you know to move on and live the rest of your life in freedom and love.

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2. Gemini

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Gone are the days when you craved deep thought and drama. What makes you happiest now is the idea of peace, easy-going communication and non-threatening relationships with people who feel the same. On Tuesday, Mars will transit Aries, and this is one of those supercharged events that takes everyone by storm.

This storm you'll be involved with will improve your life. It's all because Mars in Aries strikes with military precision, and the target is your sadness. Boom goes your pain, and goodbye goes your sadness. All of it happens because of one tiny little 'a-ha' moment. You will receive such a moment, and there will be no looking back.

Why on earth would you regress to a state of being that brings you sadness and keeps you there? You know there is no reason to return to a painful existence if you can help it? During Mars in Aries, it all becomes self-explanatory: you are the boss of you, and that means that you are the one who gets to say yes or no to your sadness. Once Mars in Aries hits town, you'll be saying a whole lot of NO to negativity. Welcome to the happy times. It's all about you making this choice, Gemini.

3. Sagittarius

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To say that Mars in Aries will awaken in you is one of the biggest 'a-ha' moments of your life, and it is to tell the whole truth. Sagittarius, as you know, you've been on a journey of self-improvement for a while. You've reached out for help on this journey, and it just so happens that the people you've surrounded yourself with are willing and able to help, and they are brilliant at it.

You'll get a realization that will topple your entire world, and the positivity of it all will be so overwhelming that you may laugh your way throughout the day. Not only is the answer simple, but it's obvious: you have figured out how to be happy. Holy smokes, it's the real thing. You worked hard to get to this place, and now, as predicted, your work bears fruit. And this work was and is mental; your mind is coming through for you.

Your big 'a-ha' moment is figuring out that you no longer have to stand for certain things in your life. You are indeed the person who must either put their foot down or suffer the consequences. No more will you take what you know is not your burden to bear and know that you are the one who calls the shots in your life. Well, that's your 'a-ha' moment right there. You run the show, Sagittarius nobody but you.


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