Self-Doubt Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 30, 2024

Who's that amazing person in the mirror? It's YOU!

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If you are one of the zodiac signs who has been struggling to love yourself recently, good news! Self doubt ends for a few of us on Tuesday, April 30.  Gone are the days when we felt the need to live up to some cruel set of expectations that never allowed us in in the first place. During the Moon in Aquarius on April 30, we aren't as interested as we might have been a long, long time ago when it comes to being 'just like that person we saw on TikTok.' We might be happy that they are so satisfied with who they are — and what they've become — but they are not us. We are the only ones who know what we are, what we can be, and what we feel comfortable as.


During the Moon in Aquarius, we are prone to accepting ourselves simply because this transit is about uniqueness and self-acceptance. We rejoice in who we are, and we recognize that by comparing ourselves to others, we are only setting ourselves up for a great fall. Why be someone else when the greatness of who we are is this unique and singular thing? We accept ourselves this Tuesday, during the Moon in Aquarius.


For three zodiac signs, comparing ourselves to people who are clearly not like us seems absurd, and we finally get it. We have discovered that by comparing ourselves to someone else, the only thing we ever really get out of the deal is depression. So, why bother? The Aquarius Moon has us owning and loving our own unique qualities the need to place ourselves on the scale, side by side with others who are nothing like us.

Self doubt ends for 3 zodiac signs who learn to love themselves on April 30:

1. Cancer

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You know that you've spent a lifetime trying to live up to certain ideals, and while you, at one point, sold yourself a bag of goods that convinced you that being anyone. Still, you was a better deal, the wisdom of age has you now thinking and knowing that the only person you can be is yourself — and that, in the long run, self-acceptance is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


On April 30, you will experience the effect of the Aquarius Moon, which will tap right into that sense of self. You have always liked yourself, but still, you fell into that rancid trap of feeling as though you 'need' to compare yourself to others. And as life went on, you saw that the images 'out there' were starting to become more and more unrealistic. How could a person compare themselves to something so...unreal? The answer: they can't.

This is where your wisdom kicks in, aided by the Aquarius Moon transit. You no longer feel the need to set yourself up for such intense disappointment by comparing yourself to an ideal that cannot possibly exist in the real world. And that's where you live, Cancer: in the real world. If the real world demands such unrealistic goals, then there's something wrong with this picture. However, you are smart enough now to not play into that trap. Good for you.

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2. Virgo

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When you look over your life, you see that you've spent an awfully long time trying to live up to some kind of image you know you can never quite attain. Yet, you tried. You spent money on it, and you got to live out the disappointment of not reaching that goal, time and time again. You punished yourself for not achieving the results you went for, and all because you were trying very desperately to be something, or rather, someone whom you could never be.

During the Aquarius Moon, you'll look back at all of those efforts and wonder why you made such a big deal about trying to be someone you're not. Now, it seems like such a time wasting effort, this 'comparing yourself to others' gig. It certainly didn't pay well, that's for sure, and come to think of it, you're about ready to quiet. The Comparison Games are like The Hunger Games, and you are not about to offer yourself as tribute any longer.

During the Aquarius Moon, you'll realize that you're fine 'as is,' and while it might take some time before you are able to admit that you're actually beautiful and perfect as you are, you can know that you are well on your way to feeling healthy and happy to be your own skin. This is a monumental day for you, Virgo, as you have finally arrived safely 'as yourself.' This is only the beginning. There's so much to look forward to now!

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3. Scorpio

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This is a day of great wisdom and revelation for you, Scorpio. You will see that so much of the effort you've put into being just like everyone else brought you very little payoff. You've spent a lifetime comparing yourself to others, trying to compete for 'who is best,' and the one thing you've started to realize is that, whether you're the best or the worst if you're not authentically yourself, then none of it matters.

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That's how the rest of your life. changes, and now, you get it. You chased a dream that wasn't your dream to begin with. Somehow, you allowed yourself to get wrapped up in the idea that what you see on social media has some kind of gravity in your world when all it's ever done is mess up your mind. You are tired of comparing your body, your face, your age. You are over trying to have the 'best career, the best fitness routine or the best designer brand item.' It's dull. It's not you — that's the most important part here.

What's great is this sudden realization that takes place when you see that you, as you are, are pretty incredible. Why didn't you see that you are fabulousness itself, and why did you downplay your greatness so that you could fit into a mold that has you looking and acting like everyone else? Well, that's life, Scorpio. We live and learn, and thankfully, on April 30, during the Aquarius Moon, you'll learn well ... and you'll apply that knowledge even better. So happy for you!

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