3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On April 29

Let it be real, or nothing at all!

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On this day, April 29, 2024, we will be making sense of the expression, 'Get real.' That one has been left up to interpretation, as 'reality' is something that no two people can completely agree upon. It's nice to throw around terms like 'get real' to a mob who has no idea what you're talking about. Still, in our way, the idea of 'getting real' is rather appealing. One thing we can all, more than likely, agree upon is that it has something to do with being authentic, comfortable, and without falseness.


Ah, now 'getting there' is the problem, or, for some, it might be a wild and amazing journey of self-discovery. When the Moon aligns with Saturn on April 29, we are going to look in that mirror and we are going to ponder what we see.  Mind you, this isn't strictly about the physical. This day's Saturn transit will have us trying to figure out who we are. If we're lucky, we'll start to own that person.


There's an incredible beauty to the release that three zodiac signs will be feeling during this time as we claim the rights to our authenticity. We are who we are; we're not getting real so we can fulfill someone else's expectations of what 'real' is to them. We are doing this for ourselves. The closer we get to being free from the facade we've managed to hide behind, the better off we'll be.

3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve on April 29

1. Taurus

Get real? Ha, you are the living example of what 'getting real' is all about. While this may be something that others ascribe to being 'someday,' you've got this one on lock, Taurus. Nobody is realer than you. While you may offend a person here or there, that is most definitely their problem and not yours, as the realness that makes you 'you,' is not something you'll ever compromise.

So, on April 29, when the Moon aligns with Saturn, you will not only be yourself, real and true, but you'll be the person in someone else's life who shows them the way by example. You own your body and your thoughts. By proving time and time again that you are just fine with the way you are, you show someone else in your life that it's OK to be real, and they will learn from you.

You aren't even trying to be a guru or a teacher, because being real, for you, is the only way to be. Ah, if everyone could just catch that buzz and trust in the fact that whoever they are, it's fine 'as is.' You walk around the world unapologetically and if someone's got a problem with you, you probably don't even notice and if you do, you laugh at it. Your confidence is a side effect of the fact that you got real a long time ago and there's no turning back on that awesomeness.


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2. Leo

The idea of getting real to you is something you know you have in you. Yet, you still grapple with the idea of pleasing people, which at times makes you act in an insincere way. It's the insincerity that has started to bother you, as you don't want to live this way anymore. You love what you've done with your life and you now feel a very sincere desire to make the best of it, and that means, getting real and staying real.

You already know how to dazzle and thrill the mob. The one thing you've started to notice is that you're not as happy pleasing them as you'd like to be. During the Moon aligns with Saturn on April 29, you're going to see that you don't have the same need to please others, as what you believe you're giving off is a vibe that doesn't correlate with the real you.

And, it's during this Saturn transit that you realize you want to be YOU. Not the clown that makes everyone laugh. Not the dazzling superstar that has everyone applauding. While those things are nice, they're not YOU, and you want to be just plain old you. As is, no frills. If you are accepted as you are, then that's wonderful, and if not...their loss, right?


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3. Sagittarius

Being real is probably something you've been all your life. You don't even know how to lie or fake it. You've also noticed that by being real, you tend to make others feel uncomfortable and this odd phenomenon has turned you into someone who would rather fake it than deal with the disapproval of those around you. You simply don't want to hear it. You know you're different, but it gets tiring to see how your difference seems to upset people.

During the Moon aligns with Saturn, you'll see that your very existence upsets people simply because your natural purity seems to place the mirror before them, where in you, they see all of their falseness. You are so real that others can't keep up and this makes them feel like fakers. So, rather than admit to themselves that they are living false lives, they put it on you and cramp your style.

April 29 has you standing up for yourself and making the firm decision to continue exactly as you are. You've come to realize that you owe nobody your fake-ness and that if being real is somehow threatening to someone else, then this is a psych test that they have to go through. You've already aced this test, and during this Saturn transit, you'll be happy to have arrived at the place you're at, right now.


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