Love Horoscopes Are Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 28

Gratitude rules and generosity surprises, and in the long run, everyone's happy.

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Everything about April 28 is a good deal as it would take a HUGE effort to go wrong during a transit such as Sun trine Moon trine Venus. Just look at that lineup, it's the universe's way of saying, 'Love, Light and Happiness are here for YOU.' The universe is not being subtle here. We are in for a very good day, and for those of us who are hoping it has something to do with our love lives, then the word 'luck' is our universal message. It's ON.


Oh, what a lucky day it is. When you've got the glorious power of the Sun trine Moon trine Venus behind you, it's kind of hard to go in the wrong direction. Tell your partner what's on your mind, simply because there's a fantastic chance they'll not only listen well but also think we're the bee's knees for even mentioning whatever it is we're thinking about.


For the three zodiac signs who will devour this transit (in all the right ways), we can look forward to affectionate gestures and perhaps even a few little gifts while we're there. Who doesn't like gifts? It's the little things that count. Gratitude rules, generosity surprises, and, in the long run, everyone's happy. Not too shabby!

3 zodiac signs are luckiest in love on April 28

1. Virgo

What an awesome day you will have, as it promises great love and exceptional romance. You didn't think you had it in you, and yet, you feel like your old self again. This implies that you are flirtatious and happy. You crave being around your partner, and they feel the same way you do. You know this will be a good day because you can't find anything 'wrong' with it.

Oh, Virgo, when you go for it, you really go all out. That kind of expressive romantic gesturing is what you're very good at during an inspired transit such as Sun trine Moon and Venus. Let's just say you won't be holding back. You are all out there, all ready for love, and while you might end up surprising your partner with your wonderful enthusiasm, they're still going to eat it up.

It's hard to resist your charms, Virgo, and you know this, too. You've been throwing those charms around for years, and so, in a way, you're an expert. During a highly charged transit like Sun trine Moon and Venus, you're in your full power, so you may find that your seduction skills are at an all-time high. Might as well go for it, Virgo. One life to live and all that. Enjoy the beauty of the day, as you are definitely the star of this show.


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2. Sagittarius

Lucky in love? Well, yes, thank you. We'll have an extra large portion if you're offering it. Well, the universal menu has just added your favorite dish, and it comes with a heaping side order of love, romance and physical affection. How much will this cost, you might ask? It's free, Sagittarius, and you know you can't overlook a deal this good. So, have at it, as this day's menu seems to be prepared especially for you by a loving chef.

Metaphors aside, you can expect a beautiful day of sharing secrets, giggling, soft caresses, and a new understanding of the person you are sharing your love life with. It's not a terrible way to spend the day, and whether you're together for the entirety of the day or you are just rushing home from work to be together, you'll notice one thing in particular: the desire to be together is real.

Nobody's faking it here. What you've got is good old-fashioned, honest love and romance. You are with someone who will be in your life for years to come, and nothing makes you feel more secure or delighted than the safe knowledge that you're with the right person for you. It's all about the love, the beauty, and the hope it inspires. Your love life is doing well, and yes, you appreciate it very much.


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3. Pisces

What you'll be feeling is this renewed sense of playfulness, as this day reminds you of what you and your romantic partner once had. While you can't say that it's changed 'all that much,' you know that time and tide have whittled you both down to that place where you're both very comfortable around each other. You've also noticed that the joie de vivre has dissipated to a degree. Not on this day, though!

April 28 revitalizes the relationship because love is the only thing that rises to the surface when you start thinking about what is most important to you. For your romantic partner, well, they'll always be on that bandwagon, and yes, they are just as guilty as you for getting 'too comfy' with the relationship. So, it's nice to have transits like the Sun trine Moon and Venus to remind us of how good life really is.

You can extend this stay in romance-land for many days if you reflect on what will take place. Apparently, you're doing something right, so it would make sense to go for a repeat performance. Things are working in the romance, and that's all that matters, but even more so, there's something to look forward to. Comfy, yes, but inspired for more. Oh, very much so. Good stuff to come!


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