10 Common Reasons You Often Feel Stuck In Life

What's keeping you stuck? Luckily, there are many ways to move past that doubt.

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Are you feeling stuck in life? You don't have to stay like that forever. You can combat this terribly numbing feeling and get back to moving forward in life.

There are many reasons why people sometimes feel stuck in life and they can be caused by all different kinds of factors.

What does it mean to ‘feel stuck’ in life?

Feeling stuck in life is a phase people go through when they feel as if their life isn't as fulfilling as they wish it to be. It's like you are on autopilot and just going through the motions.


Feeling stuck means you feel like your life isn't progressing and that you are not moving forward. It's as if you are simply existing and not truly living life to its fullest potential.

The good news is, the most common reasons can be overcome. So let the battle begin!

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Here are 10 common reasons why you tend to feel stuck in life, and how you can overcome it.

1. You've repressed a lot from the past that you never dealt with.

When you don't fully deal with things, it can weigh you down and cause you to be angry, depressed, and anxious. The weight inside you — and all the work and energy it takes to ignore and stuff it down — depletes the adaptation energy that helps you deal with things.

If you're using all of your energy suppressing the past, you have none left to handle even the easiest everyday situations, let alone move forward.

It's so important to deal with, feel, fully process, and let go of anything you are holding onto. It's the only way to move forward.

If you don't, you may feel like you're moving forward, but then all of a sudden get pulled right back because that chain from the past is still tied to you. Free yourself from it and move forward for good.


2. You're lying to yourself to justify something that isn't right for you.

People tend to keep themselves stuck by justifying it to themselves. They tell themselves they don't have a choice, or they have to, or that it's for the kids.

When parents stay stuck for the sake of the kids, it hurts them and the kids. It teaches the kids that they have to sacrifice and can't be happy and starts a generation pattern that continues.

Show them that their happiness matters by not living in unhappiness, yourself. It could be anything from staying in a relationship you don't want or to thinking you have to stay at a job you don't like. The key is to start taking steps to get out of those things.

So many people wait for a change in the person or situation to happen, which most likely won't. Always go by how the person or situation is now. If you aren't happy with it, leave or make changes.


Many people waste so many years hoping someone or something will change. Start taking steps towards what you want but know it's your choice to stay stuck or not. It may not be easy, but you can make new choices and get out no matter what.

3. You don't make any decisions out of fear.

So many are afraid to make new choices out of fear — fear of failure or change itself. By not making a choice at all, you are assured to never move forward.

Even if things don't work out, you would have learned from it and are still better off. Just make a decision and know you can always make a different decision after if it's not right. But no matter what, make a decision.

You can't move forward if you stay stuck in indecision. As you start making choices, it gets easier and easier, and makes what you want to be clearer and clearer.


If you're afraid of change, know that change equals moving forward and progress. It's a good thing. We can never grow without change. No change will always be equal to being stuck. Embrace change and be excited about it. It's the only way forward.

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4. You listen to what other people want for you, instead of what you want.

We are here on Earth solely to express ourselves. So, doing what others want us to actually takes us off of our path. This will always cause issues down the line.

This frequently happens when people do what their parents want them to. They do it and feel unfulfilled, always feeling stuck. They aren't expressing themselves and are farther and farther away from who they really are. You can never be happy that way, no matter what.


Be clear with what you want and be sure you aren't doing anything you don't want to for the sake of others. Express yourself. Don't give up your happiness and your life path. It's your life — you're here for you.

The happier you are, the happier those around you will be. Stand firm in who you are.

5. You don't trust your instincts and ignore red flags.

Always trust your instincts. Don't talk yourself out of what you feel. Before something happens, there are always clues and red flags. The problem is when people ignore or justify them.

Always address any red flags immediately — don't let them keep building up. Those are vital clues about what's going to happen. Let them guide you and don't hide from them.


Red flags are always a road map of what's to come. Follow those clues and save yourself a lot of trouble. Your instincts will never let you down so trust them and trust yourself.

6. You're not setting new goals.

Setting new goals and intentions is always important. If you don't set any, how can you move forward? Nothing will ever just fall from the sky and happen — you need to make it happen.

Our spirit guides work for us and can only help us if we are clear in what we want. So, be clear and intentional with what you want. Picture it and see how things will be different when you achieve it.

If you don't set any goals, you are assured that none will be achieved. It's always best to work on one big goal at a time. Put all your energy into it and once you achieve it, you can move on to the next.


When you achieve one goal, the rest will automatically fall into place. Too many goals at once and confusion about what you want will only create confusion and never actually reach any of them. Start with what's most important and go from there.

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7. You doubt that you can achieve what you want.

Don't doubt yourself. If you're inspired to do something, you can achieve it. Yes, it always takes effort but it doesn't make your life less than because of self-doubt. Be confident and know that you can do it.

Those with self-doubt can benefit by starting off with small, easier-to-achieve goals. As you start achieving them, your self-confidence will grow and grow.


No one ever feels confident when trying something new. New can be scary but those who achieve goals know they have to push through that fear and do it anyway.

When it's scary, that actually means there's a great chance that will come with it. You can never move forward in your comfort zone. Don't doubt yourself and push through that fear. Achieving that goal is always worth it.

8. You're suffering from burnout.

If you feel overwhelmed with low energy, you could be suffering from burnout. Burnout can cause people to go into a state of numbness.


This can cause you to lose a sense of direction or purpose and feel like life is simply not measuring up. Not knowing where to turn can be not only scary but can make one feel defeated and insecure.

There are several ways you can help yourself when it comes to suffering from burnout which can help you find your way again. Try scheduling some "me time" and take care of yourself mentally. You can do this by drawing a bath or even journaling out positive affirmations.

9. You're self-sabotaging.

Self-sabotaging is when you unconsciously (or consciously) sabotage a goal, achievement, or any sort of success. This can cause you to feel as if you have gotten nowhere in life.

This type of behavior manifests because you are unhappy. It could be related to your career, your relationship, or really anything in your life.


If you are unhappy, you are looking for a way out, and by self-sabotaging you are stopping your life from moving forward. Try to look inside yourself and see what it is you truly want out of life.

10. You don't have the proper support system.

From finances to the people you lean on, a support system needs to be in place for you to make moves. If you have taken a huge hit on your finances, you may be feeling down on your luck and that nothing will get better. Or you may be feeling lonely because your friends and family simply are not there for you.

Whatever it is, try to find a way to get that support system up and running. Reach out to the people you know. Ask for help.

Don't let these things keep you stuck. Stay aware of them and don't allow them to keep you stuck. Create the life you want. You are the artist of your life so paint it how you want. All you have to do is start and then go from there.


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Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul-realignment practitioner, life coach, and author.