3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenges & Find Inner Peace On April 26

We harness our inner peace and stop ourselves before we act impulsively.

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On Friday, April 26, three zodiac signs overcome their challenges and exercise patience. We may have to hold ourselves back. There might be a situation that causes us to react, and if we go through what we say we're going to do, we may regret it. What brings regret to the surface lies in the idea of acting on impulse. If we react to our surroundings in a way that shows we are intolerant, pushy or insensitive, we can know that behind such impulsive efforts is the transit of Moon square Saturn.

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Saturn immediately sets us up, and Moon square Saturn is what will knock us down if we are prone to acting on emotion without thinking things through first. Friday requires the power to withhold, and that's not always the easiest thing to do for three particular zodiac signs. We learn a great lesson; sometimes, it's better to keep quiet than to speak up.


This isn't about repression or suppression of ideas. This is about knowing when timing is on our side and recognizing when it isn't. We need to back away and accept it. What this day teaches us is that just because we don't get what we want at the very moment we want it, that does not mean we won't eventually have it all. We will learn how to bid our time this Friday by holding back and keeping in mind that everything has its time and place. It's all good, zodiac signs!

3 zodiac signs overcome challenges and find inner peace on April 26:

1. Aries

You are very serious about doing the right thing, but sometimes, your energy levels are so high that you end up misunderstanding something, which gets you in trouble. You tend to act on impulse, and that's very easy to do on a day that offers us the transit of the Moon square Saturn, which you will see come into play.

You know that you want to do the right thing, but you don't think it through, and what happens is that you end up coming across as too pushy or demanding. In your mind, you are making the right moves, but during Moon square Saturn, you may find that you get some pushback as you could end up accidentally offending someone with your 'enthusiasm.'

You believe in change and progress, but you can be impatient and want things done now. You tend to not understand when things don't go as smoothly as you wanted them to. Perhaps this day is about introspection, Aries, as the cosmic vibe tells you to slow down and think before you proceed. You are bound for excellence, so you'll figure out the right moves in time.


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2. Leo

There was a time in your life when you could get away with anything simply because you've always been so adorable and charming, Leo. And while you are no less charming and adorable now, you've learned that life comes with its ups and downs, along with its stops and goes. You may have to accept that it's time to 'stop.'

That doesn't mean packing your bags and getting out of here, but it does mean that during Moon square Saturn, you'll need to exercise some discretion. You'd like to think that you are forever given this option to do whatever it is that you want to do, and while that kind of thinking is wild, free and fun, it sets you up for disappointment as there are definitely times when you can't get what you want. Unfulfilled expectation leads to heartache, and you want none of that.

So, it might be advisable to sit still and think things through on this day, Leo. Your tendency to act on impulse may not work in your favor on Friday, but you are smarter than your impulse and will do the right thing. This day offers you the lesson of discretion and timing; as it goes with everything you do, you'll find success in this, too. Timing, pacing, withholding. It's all OK.


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3. Pisces

You definitely have your opinions, and when you let those opinions out of the bag a little too quickly for anybody's tastes. Yes, you are not fond of something that someone close to you does, and you feel that it's a free world, so why shouldn't you be able to freely speak up and state your opinion, even if that other person feels hurt by it?

You don't mean to hurt anyone, but you could be a blurter this Friday. You might just say something that is 'too' nervy to someone who doesn't require your permission or approval. What makes this day hard for you is that you realize this halfway through saying it. You could have been more sparing when it comes to laying out your opinion, and now that it's out there, you feel bad about being so blatant.

The great part is that you DO get it; you know that your opinion is just fine but don't necessarily need to share it, especially if you sense that the person you are opening up to is sensitive. Remember those words and ask yourself the three most important questions: "Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said now? Does this need to be said by me?" Asking yourself these questions can be life-saving and can spare others from being hurt.


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