2 Zodiac Signs Experience Powerful Abundance On April 30 As Mars Enters Aries

Take action on your dreams now that Mars is in Aries.

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Thanks to Mars, two special zodiac signs will experience abundance on April 30, 2024. Abundance is an energy that you can possess, but to fully manifest it in your life, action is required. It’s not enough to just feel abundant or work with the power of attraction; instead, it’s necessary to take action on your dreams. Action is represented most often by taking a risk and doing something new to hopefully not only achieve success but also to change your life path — which is showing the universe you’re not just vibrating on the frequency of abundance but also doing whatever it takes to create it.


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On Tuesday, Mars, the planet of action and determination, shifts into its ruling sign of Aries and creates a powerful surge to move ahead in pursuit of your dreams. Mars is what governs your sense of ambition and personal drive that can help you take action and overcome any perceived limitations. In Aries, Mars becomes even more powerful as it guides you not just to take action but to be fearless in creating a new beginning in your life. This is an incredibly directed and focused energy that is helping you take action on your dreams and begin to manifest the wealth and success that is your divine destiny.


2 zodiac signs experience abundance on April 30, once Mars enters Aries. 

1. Cancer

Cancer Abundance Affirmation: I am determined to manifest success in my career.

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Aries energy governs over your house of career. With all of the planetary activity recently in this fire sign, it’s been a strong area of focus for you. While you have been planning your next big move, Mercury has been retrograde. However, this means rather than necessarily taking action, you’ve been going over past ideas and opportunities that you may not have taken. One of the lessons that the universe is trying to teach you through all of this is that you need to honor your dreams for your life without putting them on the back burner for any other reason. The more committed you are to your success, the more rapidly you will manifest it.


On Tuesday, Mars shifts into Aries, lighting an ardent desire to take action on what you’ve been contemplating or planning for your career. If you have been considering a career change or one with your college major, then this is when you will feel more empowered to make the changes that you’ve been seeking. At the same time, most of April was more about reflecting or exploring your options, the energy of Mars in Aries on Tuesday, which directs you to take action finally. Don’t forget that even a small step forward can end up reaping enormous benefits.

Believe in yourself, honor the individual purpose that you have in this life, and let yourself see that you deserve to achieve the success that you desire. Although close relationships in your life are always of importance to you, this era of your life should have more to do with yourself than with anyone else. It’s not selfish to put yourself first, but part of knowing precisely what it is that you are worth.

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2. Aquarius

Aquarius Abundance Affirmation: I am motivated to manifest abundance in my life.


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In order to make your dreams a reality, you are going to need to become your most confident self. This confidence should make you feel as if you really can accomplish anything and everything by owning the power behind your words and choices. You are in a state of transition as you emerge into a new phase of life that will not only be more abundant but will also reflect a more profound sense of authenticity for your true self. To make the most of this, practicing confidence in yourself and all you do is imperative so that each action you take to manifest your dreams resonates deeply with your truth.

On Tuesday, Mars in Aries will highlight your house of communication and learning, making this a powerful time to submit work projects, educate others, or display your full talents to the world. While this energy is extremely beneficial to your career or college path, it does require that you have the confidence to back up the action taken so that you don’t fall prey to imposter syndrome. You have innate gifts within yourself that reflect in your unique ideas, so it’s also time that you start having confidence in all that you are instead of letting others project their insecurities onto you. The more confident you are in your words and actions, the more readily you will be able to make major progress in finding success.


Confidence is becoming unapologetic in yourself and what you feel called to pursue, not from an ego point of view but from knowing that you were placed on this earth for a particular reason. If you have any projects, college finals, or writing endeavors that are coming up, take this as a sign from the universe that you cannot fail and trust in your ability to do whatever you set your mind on.

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