2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 26, The Last Day Of The Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Make the most of every bit of luck in your life.

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Two zodiac signs are predicted to experience abundance on April 26, during the final day of the Jupiter and Uranus alignment. The very opportunities that you are trying to manifest in your life are those that occur in everyday moments. The choice to respond to that query email, stop for coffee at a new café, or decide whether or not to advocate for your worth. The vast majority of defining moments in your life won’t be those that seem overly momentous. Instead, it will appear as an opportunity for redirection, and if you’re fortunate, it’s also a chance to align yourself with the abundant life you desire.


The lucky alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus was exactly on April 20, yet it’s actually a transit that began on April 15 and will conclude on Friday, April 26. It’s important to be aware that many major transits in astrology that bring in divine opportunities actually occur longer than just a single day, as this can help you see where you are being given a lucky break in life. As Kevin Costner said, “When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment, or the moment ends up defining you. This is particularly true for each of us.


Friday, April 26, marks the last day of the powerful alignment between Jupiter and Uranus that is set to help you elevate your life in luckier and more abundant ways. The only choice you must make is to follow your destiny so that not a single bit of luck in your life ever goes to waste. Look at every offer and opportunity as a chance to create a brand-new life.

2 zodiac signs experience abundance on April 26, the last day of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus

1. Virgo 

Virgo abundance affirmation: I will make the most of every lucky opportunity in my life.


Jupiter and Taurus first moved into alignment with one another on April 15. Since that time, reflect on the opportunities that have arisen in your life, along with the themes that you have been thinking about. Jupiter has been in Taurus since 2023. As it nears the end of this era, you are asked to bring to fruition a greater abundance in your life by embracing new beginnings that ask you to leave behind any comfort zones you may have grown familiar with.

Taurus rules over your house of luck. As Jupiter and Uranus have danced together in this abundant zodiac sign, you have seen unexpected developments and opportunities arise within your life. While it may seem like a risk to take a chance on something new or to deviate from a specific plan, you are being fully supported and encouraged by the universe to not look at what is coming in with skepticism but instead with trust and gratitude. Believe that the plan of the universe will always be far greater than your own, and see these unexpected chances as moments when you get to redefine yourself.

Jupiter seeks to expand while Uranus wants to bring about an awakening, so the likelihood that what is manifesting in your life will be far greater than what you had anticipated is great. You don’t need to guess for a second when it suddenly seems that your biggest challenge is deciding which amazing opportunity to take. You have one day left to work with this energy that quite possibly can change your entire life moving forward; remember that everything you want is possible. You just need to let yourself see that it might all come together differently than you first thought.

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2. Aries

Aries abundance affirmation: I am committed to creating greater abundance.

No one wants to put off what they most want, but in those moments where it seems like a delay is occurring, you also must remember that everything is happening for your highest good. You experienced an incredible Solar Eclipse in your zodiac sign, helping to bring about a new way of life by living as your most authentic self. Still, Mercury has also been retrograde in Aries since April 1, tasking you with a period of reflection and patience – even though all you had wanted to do was move forward. The fog is lifting now, and with it, you have one last chance to make the most of the lucky energy of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

Taurus governs over your house of finances and self-worth, helping you to understand what you deserve from your career and love. This stable earth sign helps you put in the work to create a long-term sense of wealth and abundance in your life by giving you the ability to be patient as you work to manifest all that you want. While Jupiter and Uranus have been entangled in a divine connection since April 15, Mercury was also still retrograde. However, with the planet of communication now direct, Friday, April 26, marks an important and final chance for you to take action on creating greater abundance in your life.


Take time to reflect on the innovative ideas, awarenesses, and opportunities you have in your life and how they connect to your developing sense of self-worth. Make sure that you are fully believing in yourself at this time and in what you will be able to create, as no dream or desire is too big to manifest. By believing in yourself and embracing the benefit of patience, you can ensure that you can look upon offers in your life with a fresh perspective that allows you to see how you are precisely where you are meant to be – which means you’re also free to create the life you’ve always longed for finally.

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