3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Hardships & Achieve Success On April 25

As soon Mercury Direct begins, we get our 'sea legs, ' and we'll see that everything is going to be OK, after all.

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Three zodiac signs can start dreaming about their success on April 25, when Mercury Direct begins. Here, we have a day that will try our patience to such a degree that we may think we will fail at whatever we do. The great part is that we're not going to fail, but that's not going to make us feel any better halfway through it when all seems to be collapsing under our feet. Fear not, zodiac signs. What we're working with here is the first day of Mercury Direct, and the truth of the matter is that we're so used to the retrograde that we don't anticipate success.


And that's where we go right rather than wrong. Whenever we hit bottom, there's no place to go but up, and during Mercury Direct, we might feel unsteady at first, but as soon as we get our 'sea legs,' we'll see that everything will be OK, after all.



And while we're all destined to experience some version of  Mercury Direct, we'll notice that three zodiac signs will feel it a little more than others. If you are one of these zodiac signs, have patience and know this: you haven't failed. You are working hard to achieve success, and now, the skies have opened up for you, and your dream of success is right around the corner. Get used to it!


3 zodiac signs who overcome hardships and achieve success on April 25

1. Cancer 

There's an interesting twist happening, and so much of it has to do with the fact that we're now just getting used to Mercury retrograde. So, what you're going through on this day is very specific, and because you've gotten used to how the retrograde throttled you around, you aren't quite ready for the idea that you could succeed.

Mercury Direct sets you on a course for success, but you fear this because you have gotten used to the idea that so many things can become upset, and you don't want to fail. Fear of failure is at the heart of all you do, but if you check your psyche, you'll find that you don't have a fear of failure at all; in fact, you're quite confident about yourself and about life in general.

What this day brings you is a renewed sense of confidence, and while it might take a little longer than you thought, you'll see that there are still things worth trusting in. Yes, you've come the long way around to find yourself here, but you've learned so many lessons along the way. So, stand tall and proud and know that the good life that you're about to walk into is one you created for yourself, through experience.

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2. Virgo 

The one thing you really didn't want to have to take place is you getting over some kind of irrational fear, and over this last month, you've come to see that Mercury's retrograde did a number on your trust. Now that you're on Day One of the Mercury Direct, you feel as though you might have a leg to stand on again, and slowly but surely, you feel your confidence returning.

Hang in there, as this is only the beginning. What you might have experienced over the last month or so is the diminishing of certain opportunities, which has created in you a fear of failure. Because your opportunities have lessened, you've taken it upon yourself to believe it might be because of you when no such thing is happening. You just got into a funk, and now, it's time to rise up and greet the light.

Mercury Direct is that cold splash of water in the face that we've all been waiting for as if we've been having a bad nightmare and need that one jolt to let us know it's all in our minds. While your past experience is very real, it's not what's keeping you alive right now; you are here and now, and the present is where you should be. Forget that fear of failure; it's not you, Virgo. You are here, now, and successful.

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3. Pisces 

It's understandable that after stick with a particular routine for so long, embracing change can be daunting. This reluctance may hit particularly close to home for you as a Pisces. You might find yourself grappling with the idea of transformation, and resisting it because you're comfortable with the status quo. Mercury Direct wants you to change, and you may not feel 'ready' just yet.

Despite your reluctance, the world around you demands progression. You may feel a tug-of-war between your desire to maintain familiarity and the subtle realization that personal growth could serve you well. Mercury Direct might bring up old and outdated aspects of yourself, which trigger resistance. This fear of failure is real, but it isn't going to last, that's for sure.

The struggle may show up in your professional life, where you'll likely defend your stance even when, deep down, you acknowledge the need for change. Whether it's the concept of change itself or the discomfort of being told to change by others, you'll feel your ego is being taunted. Naturally, it's a hurdle you'll eventually overcome, tapping into your innate capacity for transformation and emerging stronger on the other side. Mercury Direct works to help you, so go with it, Pisces.


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