3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Financial Struggle Starting On April 23

For the sake of making money, we have sacrificed precious time.

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We have a Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, and I don't know about you, but the sound makes me think we'll be doing some heavy reflecting on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. With Pluto being so focused on healing and transformation and the Full Moon in Scorpio, which is here to get us up and on our feet so that we can pay attention to the cues for that action, it would seem that this day is going to be one where 'things get done.'


What three zodiac signs are looking at today is how we live our lives, according to what we think we need, and how it all relates to money. Good old money and its hold over us; yet, very few of us here could shrug off such a topic. Still, we plug along, and what this transit, Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, has us looking at during this time is the idea that to make money, we have sacrificed the most precious advantage we have: time.

We are in a place in our lives that demands we heal our old wounds to free our headspace up for what we believe is important to us. And yet, on April 23, three zodiac signs will wonder if they are spending perhaps too much work trying to make money and not enough time living or enjoying their lives. This is the transit that has us asking, 'How much do I really need before I can relax when it comes to making money?'


The zodiac signs who stop making work their only priority starting on April 23, 2024: 

1. Cancer 

April 23 has you looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering where your life has gone. It's not so much that you feel old, you don't know what's going on inside you. You've started to wonder what all this work is about and how you seem to work much harder to make money than you do for just about anything else in your life.

The pressure in your life to make money has turned you into a person you didn't want to be, and during the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, you'll see this in bold colors. Yes, you know you have to put a roof over yourself, feed and clothe yourself, but where is the fun? You will see that on April 23, something clicks inside you and that click has you concluding that there's more to life than just making money.

This is your starting point, Cancer, and it's brilliant that you caught on to this vibe because this is the vibe that's going to transform your life. You feel as though you're missing out on your own life, and all it takes to get that back again is acknowledging it rather than complaining about it. During the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, you will begin the work it takes to believe in your own precious time, and you will give less time to hard labor.


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2. Virgo 

You feel as though you've spent every day of your adult life working harder than you possibly can, and even though you give yourself breaks and vacations, you're starting to wonder if you haven't done yourself a hard turn by working too hard. The thought of 'How much money DO I need?' will come up for you during the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, and you will have your answer within the day.

While you can't be held to task for your amazing ability to work, work, work, you might want to hold yourself responsible for believing that this is the only thing we 'can' do as functioning human beings. Life is work, but must every second be devoted to work and making money? You love your money but have also understood how valuable time off is.

As time goes on, you come to understand more and more that we don't live forever, and having bundles of money makes life more secure. It's not the meaning of life. You are here to live, to breathe, to look up at the sky in wonder and to delight in the fact that you're alive. During the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, you'll cherish the time you have here, and you'll decide to spend less time taxing yourself over work.


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3. Sagittarius 

Pluto energy seems to be doing its job in your case, Sagittarius, as the transforming powers do a number on your life. You have started to see that life is more than work and that the work you've done is becoming...all you've done, and now, you want more. You don't want to become someone filled with regret over all you didn't do, and yet, you don't want to be broke, either.

This transit, the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, has you learning that you can compromise here, and that will bring joy back into your life. You are no longer scared; you've understood that work is not everything. Yes, you are dedicated and true to your job, but you are also finding that life is passing you by, and for the sake of work, you become unfulfilled.

The fight for the mighty dollar is a great game, as long as you're into it. While you've always been a top player in this game, you have started to realize that life is more than work, work, work. During the Full Moon in Scorpio square Pluto on April 24, you will begin the balancing routine by splitting the difference between work life and personal time.


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