3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A Break From Love On April 16

We will be telling our partners that we need a little space.

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Love is the greatest thing in the world, right? If we give ourselves over to it, we get to experience one of the reasons we're here on this earth, as being loved and loving another person makes life worth living. So much so that we become incredibly vulnerable right now. For example, on April 16, we may come to find that love is burdensome.

During the Leo Moon opposite Pluto, we will see love for what it is and honor it with all of our hearts. We will also feel a need to be honest with ourselves about how love hits us today. We feel slightly oppressed by it, and not because it's a bad thing—because love is anything but a bad thing—but more along the lines of what it demands from us. That's what three zodiac signs might have trouble with.


So, if we can, we will be telling our partners that we need a little space. We aren't trying to 'let them down easy' as we have no problem with our partners; we need a break from love. We'll be back, and we will explain to our loved ones that 'it's not you, it's me.' This isn't to blow them off but to rationalize the idea that we can't be present in this relationship round the clock. A 24/7 romance may not be for everyone. These three zodiac signs will speak up and talk about this topic.


3 zodiac signs need a break from love on April 16:

1. Cancer 

Getting what you want is a real trip, isn't it? Especially when you get the love you wish for and now feel as though you are glutted by it. On the one hand, you're super grateful to have someone in your life who is as excellent as your partner is. On the other hand, you kinda sort of miss the old 'single' days when you could lounge around the house with no one around. Today, that feeling will surge through you, and you'll seriously want a teensy-weensy break from love.

The reality is that during the Leo Moon opposite Pluto, you might get what you want, as your partner is certainly not opposed to giving you the break you need. You are so fortunate, as your partner is neither possessive nor controlling, so they don't need to keep tabs on you night and day. So, if you want some time away from the relationship, just state it, and it will be so.

The other side of this desire for a break is that it may not just be restricted to wanting a break from love. You may be on to something here, Cancer. Once you take a break from love, who knows what's to follow? This could be the beginning of a major transformation in your life and the way you see it. The sky is the limit—it's time to rev up that engine and seek out the next adventure. Go, Cancer, go!

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2. Virgo 

You are definitely someone who doesn't like to be alone until that's all you want. You are very happy in your relationship, and you've grown accustomed to having this person around you for almost 24-7. Yet, there are moments when you just want to be alone. You might want to ask your partner if they mind if you take a wee little break from love, partnership, and the whole shebang.

You can trust that your partner isn't going to go nuts when you ask for a break because you know they are secure in the love you have for them. You can trust in the idea that they, too, probably could use a day off. It's just a day off or two, maybe three, tops. Right?

When you take a break from love, in this case, it might not necessarily be because you need to be alone. You may simply want to spend time with a good friend and not worry about getting in your partner's face. You're lucky to have an understanding partner who is totally fine with you going out with a good friend and spending a few days with them alone.

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3. Scorpio 

Now and then, you aren't interested in mincing words. During the Leo Moon opposite Pluto, you'll want to get straight to the point when it comes to telling your romantic partner that you need a break from love. You don't need a 'break up,' just a little ol' break to get your mind clear. You've got a lot on your mind lately, and you could use the downtime. Thankfully, your partner understands that way, and you'll find that it's easy enough to accomplish. 

This is a rather 'adamant' transit as its influence doesn't want to be disputed. You know what makes you happy, Scorpio. You've more than likely had this talk with your partner in the past, which is why it's easy for them to understand that when you say you want a break from love, it's a good idea just to let you have it.

Taking a break from love makes sense to you, as you aren't the kind of person who can devote all your time to a romantic partner. That's not to say you aren't there for them when they need you, but you need to take care of number one sometimes, and that day is today. Enjoy your mini vacay, Scorpio. Soak up all those independent and joyful positive vibes.


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