April 16 Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest For 3 Zodiac Signs

If love is the goal, then we're well on our way.

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On April 16, 2024, three zodiac signs are luckiest in love. We've got a waxing gibbous moon in Leo, and you know what that means? Well, for starters, it means that the confidence we wish to see in ourselves starts to come forth. If we want to direct that positive, strong energy towards our love lives, for example, this is the day to do so. We are brave and true, and if love is the goal, then we're well on our way.


This Gibbous Moon is extra important for three zodiac signs in particular, as we find that this is the right day to make our 'big' move. If we feel confident enough to bring up certain topics, then we'll go ahead and do so without inhibition. This day affords us the kind of courage that can only come with a Leo transit.


What makes this day feel so 'lucky' is the idea that as soon as we start showing the universe our good intentions, the universe, in turn, starts showing us what it can do with those intentions, and that's the 'lucky' part. For the three zodiac signs that will experience the good fortune this day has to offer, then let us celebrate by knowing we were strong enough to make it happen with the universe's help, of course.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on April 16:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You know that you've wanted to change the way your relationship works for a while now. You've always believed that if you and your partner are upfront and honest in your communications, you would never have to feel insecure or perhaps even question your partner. Trust is key with you, and while that also puts pressure on you to be equally trustworthy, you feel that on April 16, you can live up to those standards.

While this day's Gibbous Moon transit isn't exactly monumental, it brings with it hope, and that's what you need to hook on to. You could easily be distracted to the point where you forget what you want to say to your partner, but this transit has you on point and feeling directed. What you know is that you are fortunate to have a partner who wants to work with you to help you establish your rights and your dreams within the context of the relationship.


For the first time in months, you feel very practical and level-headed when it comes to your love life. While it doesn't exactly sound romantic, in a way, it's very romantic, simply because in simplifying your life, you are able to concentrate on that which matters most to you, which is rebuilding, re-establishing, and renewing the love that is already there.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Because the Gibbous Moon in Leo taps into that store of energy that you reserve only for love and romance, you'll find that nothing means as much to you on April 16 as being with your partner in a peaceful environment does. That's all you really want, and what's different about that is that in the past, you thought you wanted more. Yet, you're starting to enjoy the idea of simplicity and peace.


That's not to say that you don't still have that 'roar' in you, as you will not have that powerful romantic side, but during Gibbous Moon, you'll be content with less. You and your partner will come to see that it's just as fabulous to experience the gentle life as it is to be out on the town, living it up as you once used to do on a nightly basis.

What you've learned today is that your love life ebbs and flows, and this is a good thing, as it shows you that you are neither this nor that. You are a fluid creature, never stagnant and always changing. When it comes to love, the same holds for the relationship. Right now, you're in 'peacetime,' but who knows what tomorrow holds for you, Leo? All good things come to those who are open to them.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


The days just keep on getting better and better for you, Sagittarius, as you and your partner have finally agreed. It seems that both parties are so satisfied with whatever it is that you've come up with that you feel that all you've got left is potential and possibility. During this day's transit, the Gibbous Moon, you won't want to start anything huge, but you'll be happy enough knowing that what you did start with your partner is now at its happy conclusion.

When we say 'conclusion,' we don't mean the ending of the relationship but rather the ending of one negative aspect of the relationship. This partnership has taken a long time to build, and the two of you have gone through much soul-searching to get here. Now that you ARE here, you know that you've hit the golden ticket, and that means keep up the good work.

This is a day of luck and happiness for you as you are able to relax into the knowledge that what you've created with your partner is lasting and true. You are both on the same page, and that took a while to get to, but now that you're here, you're not going to blow. This day is not only lucky. It's the direct result of hard work and loving effort. Good for you both.


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