2 Zodiac Signs Experience Fated Abundance On April 12

A new beginning will always lead to greater abundance.

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The most beautiful aspect of the universe is that it will always give you an opportunity to seize a new beginning in your life. While you are given the power to choose your most abundant fate, you will be given multiple opportunities to step into the timeline and life that is meant for you. By choosing a chance for a new beginning, you grow, uplevel, and radiate the energy that you know precisely what you deserve. That, this time, you are unapologetically going after it.


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On Friday, April 12, Mercury Cazimi in Aries will help bring in new opportunities, luck and even abundance. Mercury is the planet that governs over communication, which involves both conversations with others and impactful offers that hold the ability to bring greater abundance into your life.


During a Cazimi, Mercury travels into the heart of Sun, combining energies and also initiating the start of a brand-new cycle. In Aries, this energy is focused, direct, and ready to take action. By allowing yourself to seize the new beginning that Mercury Cazimi brings into your life, you will, without any doubt, be able to manifest abundance in all of the ways you have dreamed of.

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2 zodiac signs experience abundance on April 12

1. Leo abundance affirmation: I am open to new beginnings of expansion and abundance in my life.


You must release everything that isn’t a part of the life that you want to live. You have to become clear and focused and know without a shadow of a doubt that everything you dream of is worthy of receiving. This new chapter of your life can transform everything as you know it, expanding it in the most abundant ways possible. Still, you need to ensure you are in the right headspace to be able to trust everything that is beginning to come in.

On Friday, April 12, Mercury Cazimi in Aries will bring up lucky offers and new beginnings related to your abundance, travel, and educational or spiritual quests. In this area of your life, you are being asked to reflect on how you communicate your dreams to others, as well as those opportunities you have taken versus those you haven’t. In this space, you can understand more about how follow through everything is when it comes to attracting and manifesting your dreams. It’s not enough to simply say yes once, or even to consider it, but to consciously choose the path of your soul time and time again.

During the Cazimi, Mercury and the Sun will merge as one in Aries, highlighting an important need to ensure your words match your actions and vice versa. This points to a bigger picture of being aware that you’re not sending any mixed energy out into the universe. If abundance is what you want to create, then each and every choice you make should be a part of that. If travel and new beginnings are your dream, then everything you do or say should be in alignment with that dream. The clearer you are with yourself, the more swiftly the universe can help manifest the abundant life you seek.

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2. Pisces abundance affirmation: I am manifesting abundant wealth.

You are standing on a crucial precipice in your life that could change it forever. As much as this opportunity has to do with your financial wealth, it also heavily connects to your self-worth and the ability to see abundance as an exchange for the energy that you put into the world. When you can fully see yourself as worthy of receiving financial abundance and wealth, then you also start to be in the place to receive what you desire.

On Friday, April 12, Mercury Cazimi in Aries will bring offers or opportunities to increase your financial wealth and help you move with greater confidence. Aries rules over matters of abundance, wealth, and self-worth. While the Cazimi will bring a powerful new beginning into this area of your life, it’s also one that you’re going to be focusing on for the year ahead. With the North Node, ruler of your fate, in Aries through 2025, you will be able to manifest the financial abundance that has always been destined for you — as long as you remember it is deeply connected to your worthiness.


Mercury Cazimi in Aries helps you speak with greater confidence and certainty in regard to what you deserve. Whether this is in business dealings, career, or even in your personal life, by raising the cost of what it takes to access you, you automatically put yourself in the place to receive more. Be mindful that you will have to be aware not to accept any low offers around this time, as the universe may test you to see if you really do believe you deserve more before sending in the opportunity for wealth. It feels as well that the financial payoff you will be receiving around this time is also deeply connected to what you’ve already been investing your time and energy within. Trust in the process and remember that to receive more, you must also stop accepting less.

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