2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Problems On April 9, 2024

This day is for progress and self improvement.

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If resistance to change is the name of this day's game, then we will play to win, except the stakes are different than we might think. What causes a 'win' on this day is all about our adaptability. We will resist and therefore cause ourselves more angst, or will we lean in and work with what we have in an attempt to accept whatever is going on in our lives? What makes this day 'rough' is all about coming to terms with the idea of change. We know we need it, and we know we feel the pressure, so what's the hold-up?


As it stands, we've got the transit of Moon square Pluto in our midst, and that's basically the 'whole problem' right there. But it's definitely a lesson-shaped 'problem' as there's not one of us here who will fall prey to it. We are much bigger than whatever problem we perceive here. What may feel harsh at first will shortly be recognized by two specific zodiac signs as an opportunity to change, progress, and grow.



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So, for the two zodiac signs that will feel the brunt of Moon square Pluto, we will also see what it's like to rise above those obstacles and say goodbye to whatever holds us back or, rather, prevents us from changing. We are open to transforming ourselves, which means we will use the power comes from the transit, Moon square Pluto, for good.

2 zodiac signs overcome their problems on April 9, 2024: 

1. Cancer 

If there's one thing you know, something in your life will change, and all it takes for that to happen is for you to come to terms with it and accept it as it is. At first, this may feel very challenging to you, as Moon square Pluto really heaps on the conflict. Then again, you've been through so much more than what this day brings, so in a way, you're already 'strong enough' to do something as easy as 'accept change.'

Moon square Pluto comes into your life with a purpose, Cancer, to show you that you are not only adaptable but intelligent and wise when it comes to going with the flow. You cannot resist everything. You might realize during this transit that you're working on an old program and that this program is obsolete. This will be revelatory for you, and it will spur you into not only accepting the change that is needed but also welcoming it.

What you can work on to make it better: You can trust in both the universe and in yourself on this day, April 9. You have come into such great knowledge, and you know instinctively how to work it. If doubt comes up, then remember what you did last time doubt took over; you whipped it, Cancer. So far, there is nothing in your life that seriously took you down, and that means there's no evidence to show that you'll be doing anything but rising above this time around. You are strong and capable.


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2. Leo 

The only thing that you might consider to be 'rough' on this day lies in the idea that you know you're supposed to do something 'important,' and yet, you haven't gotten around to it as of yet. You aren't fond of deadlines and this day, April 9 lets you know that time is creeping on and that you have to get what you said you'd do to be done. You don't love the pressure, but you did let time get out of hand, and now you have to deal with the pressure and the consequences.

During this day's transit of Moon square Pluto, you'll feel as if you're up against the wall. You'll also know that you are the one who put yourself there, and somehow, that's going to work in your favor. Taking responsibility is something you know you have to work on, and now that time is of the essence, you get it. Knowing that you can no longer procrastinate, you feel as if the lesson of 'carpe diem' has finally kicked in in a very positive way.

What you can work on to make it better: You can seize the day, for sure. That's all it takes with you, Leo: that knowledge that things can work if you put in the effort. While being lazy might have felt good at the time, you've come to realize that effort and action feel just as good. During Moon square Pluto, you'll see that 'change' is a much better condition than stagnancy. All of this benefits your life. Did someone say, 'change?' Bring it on!


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