Yes, You Can Learn To Embrace Change — But Why Not Learn To Love It?

Start thinking about change as your favorite comfortable chair, and let yourself sink into it.

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Change is inevitable. It happens daily, even if we don’t notice. We grow older, we change relationships and jobs, cook different meals, or adopt pets. The seasons change; people, plants, and pets die, we get laid off, and we downsize or upgrade our homes.

How we respond to change is up to us. Our perceptions of the change help or hinder us through accepting and adapting to said change. Sometimes, we intellectualize change and ignore our emotions, and vice versa.


You can consider smoothing the path when dealing with change. 

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Here are five ways to get comfortable enough with change to start embracing it 

1. Be compassionate with yourself

No one fully understands your thoughts or your emotional responses to change. Some changes invoke excitement, while others trigger trauma. We can give ourselves the space and time needed to accept and step forward with change.


Sometimes, you can allow other people’s perceptions to help inform you of your progress. If you are in a position of wanting to modify your responses to change, make the time or a plan to work with yourself and others on how best to do that.

2. Have a support system

If you don’t already have a support system to help keep you afloat among change or to help you celebrate, start creating one. A support system can begin with a trusted family or friend, a pet, a therapist, or a community of people.

Sometimes, having a hobby you share with others can provide a connection to support you through the change. Random people may even pop into your life who offer a gem of wisdom or shine a light of appreciation for what you’re experiencing that helps you savor the change.

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3. Make time for yourself

Rather than distracting yourself from the effects of a change, carve out some time to truly process the feelings that arise. Talk to yourself about what you’re going through - journal, write songs or lyrics, and set time up when you can take care of yourself.

Find ways to increase the belief in your ability to get through the change with ease and grace or to acknowledge how far you’ve come. The reality of a situation can be daunting or exhilarating – and you want the time to feel all that’s going on so it can be appropriately expressed.

4. Be your best advocate

Family, friends, and colleagues don’t always know how to help you through change. You can communicate exactly what you want when you need to be approaching change with the above steps. Acknowledging what you lose and gain due to change is a helpful exercise. With this information, you can properly grieve the losses or find ways to reintroduce what was lost within this change.

You can also embrace all you gain with the change and settle into the new space at whatever time is perfect for you.


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5. Bring in love

No doubt, bringing love to any situation helps. Love is the answer to everything, and being loving to yourself and everyone involved in change can have subtle and significant impacts.

Loving that you are growing because of a change or that change is a result of your growth – that’s something to love! You can love the aspects of the past while welcoming the challenges or unknowns in store for you.


Illustrating compassion and love towards ourselves throughout a path of change helps us process the steps we’re taking. This allows us to invite wisdom into our lives and positively affect our choices. As we practice these methods, we can deal with change more consistently and come from a place of love for all involved.

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Pamela Aloia is a certified grief coach, intuitive/medium, and author of inspirational books. Pamela supports people through change and helps them enhance their lives and experiences via energy awareness, meditation, and mindfulness.