3 Zodiac Signs Learn A Valuable Lesson About Friendship On April 6, 2024

They told us so, didn't they?

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If you remember what a friend told you long ago. If you're paying the price on this day for not listening to them, then this would be the perfect scenario for Moon conjunct Saturn to manifest, as this transit directly relates to advice, rules, laws, and what happens when we break them.

April 6 has three zodiac signs, regretting the fact that their friends told them not to get involved with either someone or something, and now, weeks, months, or years later, we see their point. Yikes.


Three zodiac signs really don't like to take advice. It's not that we're so smart or think we know what's best all the time, but we are rebellious when it comes to taking in what other people suggest.

We don't want someone else to be right about something they say that has us knowing we're about to make a mistake. It's a pride thing: we don't want to secede to another person's insight. We want to know we're the ones who are right about our own lives.

During Moon conjunct Saturn, we will see how that resolve will shatter as we know for sure that those predictions of the past have come to haunt us on this day.


It's a matter of not wanting to hear someone tell us, "I told you so." Yet, they told us so, didn't they? We didn't listen to the advice of friends, and now we sure wish we had.

They were right, and we ignored their loving advice to prove to them that we were right.

These three zodiac signs learn a valuable lesson about friendship on April 6, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You really don't want to have to take responsibility for making the wrong choice, especially when so many of your friends told you that your decision to do a certain something was off-base and would sooner or later come to bite you. Here you are on this day, April 6, and the biting has begun. You don't like it one little bit. So, your friends were right all along, and here you are today, feeling like a chump.


The interesting thing here is that this has nothing to do with love or romance. The advice you didn't take was from your pals: be less harsh in the way you treat one particular friend of yours. As the years go by, you really wish you had taken their advice, as the truth reveals you really miss that one person whom you treated so roughly.

During the transit of the Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll see that there really is 'no going home,' and you'll realize that you blew it when it came to this one friendship. You really don't know why you did what you did, but you were harsh, hard, and really unforgiving. As time goes on, you wonder what got into you that made you think that behaving that way was somehow the right thing to do. Ah, lessons learned.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


You always had to have it your way, didn't you, Sagittarius? While you've always trusted your gut intuition, you weren't fooling others as they saw right through you to a deeper meaning behind your actions. What this implies is that what you thought was your 'truth' at the time looked to others as a falsehood, something you told yourself to make yourself feel better about that one thing you wouldn't look at.

Yet, your friends saw that you were having trouble accepting reality, and they advised you to let go — you didn't. At the time, you would rather them leave you alone than have to listen to their 'blather,' as that is all you heard from their mouths. They were only trying to help you, but apparently, they brought up a truth that you didn't want to have to look at at that time.

Now, you see these advisors as sages. They knew. They knew all along, and you wonder what it is that kept you from accepting their sage advice. The good news is that because of transits like Moon conjunct Saturn, on this day, April 6, you will clearly see what you need to do and that it's not too late. You may have worried that it could be too late to change or to listen to the advice of friends. You'll see that it's never too late to improve your mental health.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Because of the Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll learn that what you have now is a result of not taking the advice of friends long ago. It's OK, and you know where you went wrong, but you really do feel as though you didn't deserve to learn this lesson the hard way. You had a right to your feelings back then, and so what if you were advised not to proceed? You proceeded—c'est la vie, right?

April 6 has you looking at your life and asking yourself some of the important questions. One of those questions will be something along the lines of 'Why am I resistant to the advice of others?' There's something in there, and you need to get to the bottom of it as you're starting to understand that you're not living this life in a bubble; you need others. You need people. It would be best if you shrugged off, at least NOT the good advice of friends who seriously care about you and your well-being.


Perhaps this is your rebellious side, Pisces, but it will be under scrutiny during Moon conjunct Saturn. This could be the day you change your perception and are open to the idea that others do have interesting things to contribute and that you needn't automatically disregard the advice of another. You can always deny that advice, but at least give it a listen first. You never know. The words of others may be gifts in disguise.

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