3 Zodiac Signs Have An Ex Reach Out Starting April 5, 2024

Just because it's an 'ex' that reaches out, doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

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We've got ourselves a Mercury retrograde-influenced Pisces Moon on this brand new day, April 5, 2024, and it will tell us something.

The formation of this particular transit is all about 'telling us something' as communication comes to us, and quite possibly from a source that we would never suspect.

On this day, three zodiac signs will hear from an old flame, which could go either way, as we know.

Depending on how we left off with this old flame, hearing from them out of the blue could be disconcerting, indeed. When an ex reaches out to us, we might want to run away or be glad to hear from them.


It all depends on where we are NOW in life and what we had to go through with that person to get to the place we're at right now.

During this Mercury retrograde-Pisces Moon transit, the impulse to talk to someone familiar is high, and many of us will either contact an old friend around this date or hear from someone in our past. But to hear from an ex is a whole other ballgame, and it could put us on our guard.


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Let us know if we do respond. It may end up being a good thing. Just because it's an 'ex' that does the reaching out doesn't mean it's a bad thing because on this day, April 5, we have love and polite conversation on our side.

Three zodiac signs whose ex may reach out around April 5, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You might not know what to do with yourself when your ex calls you or texts you on this day, during the Mercury-Pisces Moon. You will fluctuate between being shocked out of your mind and being semi-pleased to hear from them. The good part is that they're the ones reaching out, and so far, you've left them on 'read.' They know you've seen their message, and now it's up to you to respond or not.


With you, on this day, April 6, the chances of responding are slight, as you are more pleased that they reached out and less enthused about actually getting into a conversation with them. Ah, the glory of texts ... you really got out of this one, Gemini. The Mercury-Pisces Moon has you experiencing the best of both worlds, meaning you get to hear from that one person in your life. You also get to ignore them, as you really aren't sure you want more than to know they're thinking of you.

Being that you are YOU, just knowing that this ex of yours wants to communicate with you makes you feel good. It's not good enough to actually do that, though. Hey, the ball is now in your court. You appreciate that they took the time to let you know they are still alive, and, well, on second thought, you might not want to respond to them. Knowing they are 'there' is enough for you during this time.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)


When your ex reaches out to you on this day, April 6, you'll not only want to run and hide. You'll resent the fact that they still have your number in their phone and they have the nerve to text you out of nowhere, apparently. What on earth is on this person's mind that they are now texting you, of all people? Did you not make it clear to them that you are OUT of this relationship and you want nothing to do with them?

Ah, that's the kicker right there, Libra. You left it open, as you are the kind of person who never likes to hurt another. So when the two of you broke up, you let the door stay open just to show your ex that if they need anything, you're still there for them. You did this to placate them, as you imagined they'd fall apart without you. Now that they've made an effort to reach out to you, you may wonder if this is the moment they truly do fall apart. Hmmm.

Chances are, it's no big deal. During the Mercury-Pisces Moon, you may project an entire scenario onto them that doesn't actually exist as reality. There's a very good chance they are just reaching out to say hi and that there is no calamity going on that requires your expertise to get out of. The truth of the matter is that this one's up to you. You can ignore their text or simply respond with a closed-sentence statement. You don't need to make a big deal out of this, Libra.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

When your ex reaches out during the Mercury-Pisces Moon passage, you will be overjoyed. You have never had anything but good feelings about this person. Even though you are no longer a couple, you can't help but love them. This isn't the kind of love that requires attention, nor does it seek to reunite. You are fine on your own, without this person in your life, and you are happy to know that. Hopefully, they are doing well.

You will be happy and grateful to hear from this ex on this day, April 6, as word from them means they are alive and well. You both know in your hearts that this is not the kind of love that needs romance to back it up. You are fine 'as is, 'and every now and then, communication takes place, as it will on this day, and this is part of what the two of you do. You keep it going like an eternal flame, and so when your ex reaches out, you welcome their call.


What's nice about this day is the feeling you are left with after the initial conversation takes place. Just the idea that this person is in your life, even if your connection manifests very infrequently, is enough for you. You like knowing they are there, even if 'there' is a rare thing that takes place once a year, if not less. This is your friend, your ex. This is someone who is always welcome in your life, and hearing from them on this day does nothing but make you smile.

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