3 Zodiac Signs Want To Avoid Conflict In Love From April 4 - 5, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Want To Avoid Conflict In Love From April 4 - 5, 2024

Here we have Venus in Aries. What this transit has the potential of bringing is 'too much' of a good thing, which could very easily turn into too much of a bad thing. This is a highly aggressive transit, and love is its playing field. However, we've added another transit into the mix, and this is the one that will determine how we react to all of this hyped-up 'romance.' Welcome Moon square Jupiter.

Jupiter's energy, when squared with the Moon, shows us that there is such a thing as 'feeling too much.' There's a natural mechanism that occurs for three zodiac signs that allow us to shut down if we feel bombarded with emotional information. Being that there's so much going on during Venus in Aries, the transit of Moon square Jupiter almost feels like a pause button. Many of us will be pushing that button.

When all seems too much, we switch off our feelings. We do it because we don't want to know where it goes. We do it because it's making us overthink. We do it because if we have to feel it, then we know we'd be overwhelmed. Right now, we are not interested in being overwhelmed. So, we shut down. We're not robots, and there is no button to push, but thanks to Moon square Jupiter, we will find what is necessary so that we can make it through the day without feeling bombarded.

For the next two days, these zodiac signs want to avoid conflict:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

What nobody knows about you, Gemini is that you're not only a softy but also so emotional that you sometimes have to shut down in order to survive the day literally. You take things to heart and let them set in. Sometimes, if you misinterpret something, you don't take the time to analyze what you've heard. You simply process it as negative and let it sit in your system until you feel sad, bad or angry.

When the Moon squares Jupiter, you will either hear something new or remember something that once upset you. You'll do that thing you've mastered: switch off your feelings so that you can go about your business unfazed. There are many things you don't want to know about, Gemini. While you do realize that this is all about personal attachment, you'd rather avoid having to analyze it, as pulling away does the trick when you need it to.

What you know is that what works in your life at this point is your ability to shut out the truth and go along your way without a problem. However, it's all contingent upon whether or not you can do this successfully. Switching off your emotions is something you can teach a university course on. So you'll be referring to your expertise, during the transit of the Moon square Jupiter.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You know that deep down inside you, there's this well of super-sensitive fluff and that if you don't keep it in check, you'll be an emotional wreck most days of the week. Whether it's your love of pets or your love of human beings, it doesn't really matter. Your feeling is that if you expose your heart to anyone, be it an animal or a person, you will get hurt, so you might as well keep it all to yourself. That is how Moon square Jupiter works on you.

What you don't like is the feeling of being too vulnerable, and that's always how you feel when you either fall in love or simply have a crush on someone. This makes your life difficult at times because you really do want to have the full love experience. Yet, the part that you show to the world is the colder, less emotional side of yourself. This isn't the real you, but the real you is too frightened of being rejected, so you switch off your feelings way before that moment comes around.

You'll once again find that the situation requires more than you are willing to give, even though you are just dying to give it all. But it's for that reason alone that you withhold. You are just too fearful of the unknown, and you take it for granted that it won't work out for you when it may very well work out wonderfully for you. Libra, you're going to have to let down that wall if you're going to have that experience. 

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

There are definitely times when you wish you could express yourself better than you do at present. With Venus in Aries happening at the same time as Moon square Jupiter, you may find that, in order to protect your heart, you'll blurt something out that will definitely make someone else feel really unwanted or uncomfortable around you. You know that this person loves you, and you know that you are mad at them for 'reasons.' Still, you don't have to take it that far, as they don't really deserve all that 'wrath.'

Being that you recognize this, you pull back, and you end up giving them the cold shoulder. During Moon square Jupiter, you know that if you're to survive the day, then you're going to have to do a 'dark side of the Moon' on someone, meaning you're going to have to shut them out, go silent, and hope they take the hint. You don't want to cry, Pisces. This is your big thing: you are tired of being sad over things you can't control, and you aren't going to give another person another tear.

What you aren't looking at, however, is how the other person feels. You have taken it upon yourself to doubt them and, therefore, treat them as if they've done something terrible to you when, in fact, they've done no such thing. You may see yourself shutting down. If you can perhaps stop that from happening, you might be able to stand tall, talk it out, and get past it. It's not a bad thing to feel. Just gauge yourself, that's all.

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