2 Zodiac Signs Succeed No Matter What On April 3, 2024

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2 Zodiac Signs Succeed No Matter What On April 3, 2024

What sets us up for a hard time on this day, April 3, is the transit of Aquarius Moon square Mercury, which will make us think that while we may dream big, we still can't put it all together on time and yet things work out as planned.

This day is all about timing, but that doesn't mean it's without possibility. What we will learn is that it's OK to have big dreams — even 'near to' impossible dreams. The kicker is that we have to wait for them to manifest, even when it appears that nothing will happen on a certain day.

For three zodiac signs, this day is a test of patience, endurance, and the power of the will. During the Aquarius Moon square Mercury, we have high hopes and we can be self-critical about our enthusiasm.

We believe that because we have such a positive attitude, we deserve to have our dreams come true. So when we feel Mercury's square energy showing us who's boss, we fear a painful idea that maybe what we want won't come to pass. We may even hang our heads and give up too soon believing that it's not yet 'our turn.'

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That's OK, though, as it helps us build character. Patience is indeed a virtue that we could all instill in our minds. April 3 will show these three zodiac signs that if we hang in there and keep up the faith, we will see our dreams manifest as reality.

We must accept that so much of the power is in patience and the ability to foresee a beautiful and successful destiny.

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1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You know that you can't control everything. That includes people, events, and possibly even your reactions. That doesn't mean you don't try. You are someone who craves organization. Yet, you may find that on days like this one, the only thing you can control is the fact that you can write your name without misspelling it.

This means that someone in your life will act in a certain way that you didn't expect or were counting on, and this deeply disturbs you. What disturbs you most is that you thought you had that person figured out. Here they are, defying you, which angers you but also lets you know that 'this is the way it is.' 

You may not be able to control or change others, but you can accept that there are just certain things you can't control. During the Aquarius Moon square Mercury, you may be tempted to get angry and show that anger, but what is it worth? Not really much.

What you can do to turn this day around for yourself, Aries, is to know that you need not push any harder because you are excellent enough 'as is,' and if you push, you'll see resistance. So let it be. It will all work out just as well. As others know what to do, you do too. You don't need to have it all your way to succeed. You can be flexible on this one, Aries. It's all OK.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

There are times when you get so 'high' over the idea of bringing things together so that all can experience a good time that you throw yourself in with such enthusiasm that you can be too hard on yourself. That's how it goes for you on this day, April 3, 2024, during the Aquarius Moon square Mercury. You have gigantic, powerful, amazing plans, and yet, it seems like no one is into it with you. This makes you sad, and you may end up questioning your friends, possibly even isolating yourself to avoid crying.

You feel that if you can put in this great effort towards setting up a party or an event that will bring so many people so much joy, then the least they can do is attend. When you find out that they are not as interested as you hope, you risk losing momentum and joy.

Well, this is a great lesson for you in patience. Timing is key here. Your intentions are stellar, and you're a kind and generous person. You understand that not everyone is working on the same schedule as you, and that's OK 

So, if you're to plan big and that plan has something to do with other people, don't wait around to surprise them with something that will rearrange their schedule. You'll ask them first so that you can all experience great success. You are doing so well, Leo, and you're so kind and considerate. Your best results will happen because you let people know in advance what you plan on doing for them.

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