Heartache Ends For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs Before April 8 — Despite Mercury Retrograde's Energy

We are as strong as we need to be this weekend.

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April 6 - 8, 2024 is a power-packed period where love is concerned. So much of that power has to do with what we can tolerate, what we can give, and what we can get past in order to make our love lives a better place to be. We are as strong as we need to be this weekend, and with Mercury in retrograde to throw communications off, we may find that this luck in love starts off with a few bumps.

What we have going for us is that there's this lovely Node energy radiating our way. For three zodiac signs, it's almost as if we conclude an episode of confusion in our lives. This weekend brings us clarity, despite Mercury being retrograde, but even more so we finally see a need to move forward, to not look back, and to accept that what was done is done and all there is now is the present moment. This is big news as we are finally becoming 'un-stuck.'


Now that we are free, we are more loving, more accessible. Our romantic partners and potential dates will find that we are much more open than usual and when we ourselves notice that we are most vulnerable this weekend than at any time before. We'll also come to terms with the idea that being vulnerable is the only way to really and truly experience love. This is all good and for these three zodiac signs, we finally know that heartache is over and if we put in the effort, we'll get great results.

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The zodiac signs whose heartbreak comes to an end before April 8, 2024: 

1. Aries 

Here's a weekend that shows you that you are large and in charge, meaning that it's not only going to go your way, but the time you've spent creating the positive vibe that this week brings is coming to fruition. You have tried, Aries; you've been really putting your all into making your life a better place and you know that if you're happy, then the person you are with, feels more at ease and less worried, as they may have felt in the past.

As you lean into your own Sun sign's season, you'll feel as though you are coming into power. What was once something that you had to convince yourself of is now here, alive and well, and thriving on your positive attitude. You are working with a surge of Jupiter optimism, and it has you seeing that all things are possible in a loving world.

And your world from now until April 8 is indeed positive. Your uplifting attitude spills over into your romantic life and that's pretty much what was needed. So, you're working with good timing, big dreams and the belief that if you put your heart and soul into it, all good things can happen. Your romantic life really kicks back in and you feel as though something great is coming your way. That's partially due to Node energy, which is here for your healing, Aries.



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2. Cancer 

You're so clever that you're able to take the transit that everyone runs from — Mercury in Retrograde — and use it to your advantage. What's going on from now until April 8, 2024 is that while the people in your life are reacting to the transit, you're there to help sort things out. This new power is really going to come in handy in your love relationship. Your actions this week make you look like a superstar in the eyes of the person who loves you.

You see the confusion and the misunderstandings happen, and from the point of view of being a witness, rather than a participant, or worse — a victim, you are able to pull back and be a rock for those who are way too confused to find their own way. The person you are with is one of those people, and while you very much wish for them to be strong and stand tall, you are still there in the event that they are having a bad time.

How this translates into luck for you and your partner is in the idea that they get to see you in action, and being that Venus in Aires, when you act, you mean business. This is impressive stuff, Cancer. You're also quite confident as you happen to react well to Saturn transits, and this weekend will let you know that while you do have your limitations, you are still quite capable of giving love, showing compassion and just plain being there for the one you love.



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3. Sagittarius 

While you are always sensitive to Mercury transits, the retrograde happening right now doesn't really take you under, and so much of that is because you happen to work very, very well when Aries is around. What you find this weekend is clarity and vision, and being that you also have someone very special to share this with, your week is going to look pretty stellar.

Capricorn energy lets you know that you are right where you should be, and that you've got no reservations when it comes to the person you are now involved with. This took some time, Sagittarius, and now that you're here, you are in full recognition of what you'd call 'a good thing.' And being that you take so well to the Aries influence, you're going to love how Venus in Aries takes your romance to the next level.

Healing energy came for you after the 5th during the Sun's conjunction with Node, and that instantly feels like health and happiness has come home to roost. You've got yourself some good sleep and you are now ready to rumble. This weekend brings you a new outlook on diet and exercise, and with Mercury in Retrograde, part of your new outlook shows up in how you communicate with your partner. Something new every day!


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