3 Zodiac Signs Discover Their Strong Intuition Is Right On March 22

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zodiac signs discover intuitive gifts

March 22 three zodiac signs discover their intuitive gifts. Friday shows us that 'not everything is as it seems,' and while that may sound like a riddle, for three zodiac signs, this is a day of discovery. We not only unravel the mystery and solve what feels like a riddle, but we also come to understand that the only way we can figure out what is really going on is by trusting our gut instincts.

During the Virgo Moon, those instincts are actually intuitive gifts.

We aren't always willing to consider ourselves psychic or even 'intuitive,' but it's hard to be a human being and NOT pick up on things like feelings, emotions ... thought waves. We may not think we have a gift for this kind of thing, but we all do, to some degree. It's part of our survival mechanism. We 'know' when to pull back. We 'know' when to move forward, and we 'sense' when there is danger. There is no 'reason' for it, but we just 'know.'

And on this day, three zodiac signs will have a situation where we know what's going on, even though there are no external signs of what's happening. We pick up on an invisible thread of intelligence, and we trust in it. This invisible thread is our intuitive gift. On this day, March 22, we're not only going to acknowledge that it's real. We're going to listen to it because we trust in ourselves. Smart move.

Three zodiac signs who discover their intuitive gifts on March 22, 2024:

1. Cancer 

What you'll discover on this day, March 22, is the idea that you were right all along about something that, at the time, could not be proven. You had a hunch, and you've seen that when such a thing occurs, others tend to believe you, as your hunches have proven right over time. However, during the Virgo Moon, you'll notice that this happens more often than not, and perhaps there's something more to it.

This feels worthy of investigation to you, Cancer, as you might find that on this day, you are considering the idea that perhaps you are gifted intuitively. While you don't feel there's enough support from the people in the world to back you up, you can't help but feel as though everyone's blinded themselves to the idea that there really is such a thing as psychic power or intuitive gifts.

And what if we all have such gifts at our disposal? This is your biggest consideration on this day. With the Virgo Moon in the sky, you'll come to one conclusion: intuition is real. There is no doubting it. You have been able to check out information from an invisible source, and you are right almost every time. So, where's it all coming from? If it isn't black and white and spelled out in terms we all can agree upon, then what is this intuitive gift all about? Things to think about on this day: Cancer.

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2. Aquarius 

You have long given up the idea that you're supposed to dull down what you believe are your intuitive gifts, as you feel strongly about being able to perceive that which isn't obvious. This is something that makes you happy, and during the Virgo Moon on March 22, you'll be tapping right into that source where you will come to know that you can trust this inner voice as it tells you what you can only know as 'the truth.

You won't be swayed or put down, as you are used to this kind of reaction from the mob when you say that you 'feel' things and can predict certain things in the future. You've already come to terms with the fact that you live in a world where the idea of trusting something as 'far-fetched' as intuition is a joke to most people. OK, let them have their way; it doesn't affect you.

You will always be your person, Aquarius, and you'll always pave your path. Your path happens to be made up of much insight, intuitive hits, and psychic vibrations. It's just who you are, and you're not about to hide it for anyone's sake. That's why, during the Virgo Moon, you'll be all the more proud to be someone who trusts their gut, as you've come to know your gut as your innermost intuitive gift.

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3. Pisces 

While you may have started as a disbeliever in things such as psychic phenomena or intuitive 'gifts,' you'll see that your life took you on a journey that proved otherwise. On March 22, you won't be able to look away from the gifts that have been bestowed upon you as you know you've been able to have the advantage over certain people because of those gifts. During the Virgo Moon, you'll figure out, perhaps for the first time, that you really do 'see' things, and this sight has helped your life.

You might not immediately jump onto social media to show off your talents, as you feel this really is a private matter. The truth shines through just the same: you are gifted. You see things, you feel things, and more often than not, your intuition is on the mark. In other words, when it comes to predicting something, nine out of ten times, you are right about it. This is no ordinary gift; this is something that gives you the edge, for sure.

Friday, March 22, lets you kick back and think about what you have and how you can use it in the future. What you've discovered on this day is that 'not everything is as it seems' and that there are signposts and signals that you pick up on that are not necessarily visible to the ordinary person. You don't feel 'superior' because of this. In fact, you feel humble. It's a rare thing to be the owner of psychic power, and you feel grateful and quiet about it.

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