3 Zodiac Signs Experience Relationship Abundance Starting March 13, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance In Love On March 13, 2024

If there's anything that's going to 'give us a sign' on Wednesday, March 13, it's going to come via the transit of Moon conjunct Jupiter, which is basically here to set our minds at ease and let us know that as far as our romantic lives go, all is well in our worlds.

We may have been upset over something we let ruminate in our minds for too long, but this really didn't have much to do with our partners. We thought ourselves into a state that took us down. Now, we're ready to bounce back up.

Yes, it's that easy, and for three zodiac signs who experience abundant love, it might almost feel comical. One day, we're down and mopey, thinking all these thoughts far from the truth. Then this day pops around, and here we are, totally back to being our chipper selves, ready for love, fun, excitement, and romance. While we may be fickle,  we are certainly all there for the positive side of this equation, that's for sure.

And during Moon conjunct Jupiter, it's pretty easy to focus on the positive. The negative now presents itself as drama and unnecessary chatter. What brings us the feeling of good luck in love on this day is all about noticing our ability to bounce back.

This resilience is strengthened during Moon conjunct Jupiter. We can see the good in everything. Oh, how this one idea changes the dynamic when it comes to love and romance for these three zodiac signs! 

Three zodiac signs experience abundance in love on March 13, 2024:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

OK, Virgo, you're looking at a power cocktail that has been mixed just for you, and we call it the Moon conjunct Jupiter. While it's not going to inebriate you, it's most certainly going to deliver a romantic swoon of a feeling as you delight in this day's joyride with the one you love.

While that might sound heady and even a bit silly, well, isn't that what you like about your love life — the idea that you and your partner can't get pretty goofy with each other and all that?

What's needed in your romantic life is the stuff that everyone claims to be what they need. While that may not sound too original, we can't help but feel that 'the heart wants what the heart wants,' and if March 13 is here to deliver that to you, then you are more than happy to welcome it all in with open arms. Your heart is open, as well, on this day, and you'll find that one of the keywords of the day is 'generosity.'

While that could, of course, lead to gift-giving and the sharing of loving tokens between you and your partner, this is much more along the lines of finding a commonality between the two of you and just having fun with it. The generosity that takes place during Moon conjunct Jupiter on this day is the kind that opens the doors between you and your mate so that all communications go well and that both parties feel loved and respected.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You'll notice that what's different about this day is that you feel empathy towards your romantic partner. That's not always readily available to you. Feeling empathy, in your case, means that you can tap into what your partner is feeling. Rather than shy away from anything that seems too vulnerable, you present yourself to them as a helper.

You are not here to criticize your partner in any way. You've learned from the past that if this relationship is to last as you wish, you need to listen. You'll find that if you are true to yourself and you absolutely make the time to listen to your partner as they express themselves, no matter how they express themselves, then you'll find that it's much easier to reach them and touch their hearts.

And what's really beautiful about this day is that your partner is so very receptive to you, Scorpio. So it will show you that feeling empathy is a good thing and doesn't mean you're losing your power or suddenly 'exposed' to more vulnerability than you think you can handle. You'd be surprised at what you can handle, Scorpio. On Wednesday, you'll see that you are a much grander person than you ever thought yourself to be.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

With a transit such as Moon conjunct Jupiter hovering over your world, Sagittarius, you might as well declare victory as soon as you wake up, as this transit works on your ability to amplify your sense of connection to the person you are with. You know yourself very well. When it comes to what you really want in a love relationship, the truth about you is that you want to know that you've got a friend as the person you are with.

You want to know that you can laugh with them and that your alliance is built on friendship. You can build on anything from that starting point. When the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, you'll see that the foundation on which this romance is built is indeed one of deep and abiding friendship. This alignment helps you see that what you have here is a relationship where both parties wish to grow.

Adventure and the spirit of exploration are things you and your partner have in common. You'll see that both of you will more than likely engage in talks about future travels together. This is a great day to investigate the price of airfare, the weather at a certain location, and the mutual interests you and your partner share when it comes to taking a trip to a new and exciting foreign country.

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