Relationships Grow Stronger For 3 Zodiac Signs Over The Weekend

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Relationships Grow Stronger For 3 Zodiac Signs Over The Weekend

Building a stronger relationship is similar to building a strong body. One has to put it through a good workout to test and stretch those muscles. Enough working out enough strength training, and we're bound to see results.

It's the same with romance. In love relationships, if they are to last, they will be tested for endurance. To see what we are made of and if we can stand the test of time depends on our strength of character.



For three zodiac signs shows us that everything we do for our relationship has a purpose and that no matter how we've come to the place we're at right now, we are stronger for our efforts.

During the Sagittarius Moon this weekend, we see this strength as reality. We did it. We made it, and we will continue with strength and purpose.

Because it's a Sagittarius Moon that allows us this insight, we come to know that within ourselves, we hold a vast reservoir of strength. And if we apply ourselves in love, respect, care, forgiveness and compromise.

We are most certainly going to see ourselves as victorious when it comes to relationships. These three zodiac signs get us to know that our efforts have made us closer, tighter and more familiar with each other. This is going to last.

Relationships grow stronger for three zodiac signs over the weekend:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

You may be feeling pretty confident these days, having successfully gotten to 'this place' with your romantic partner, as you are someone with enough experience to know that things take time. If that time isn't applied, then 'things' can fall apart. You, however, are prepared to go through the ups and downs of a romance as you've come to learn that this is not about idealism but reality.

This weekend brings you the Sagittarius Moon. With it comes the knowledge that you have a vision in mind, something that is not only possible but something your partner agrees to because they know that if you work together, you'll stay together. That's the whole point at this particular juncture in both of your lives. There is no 'fling mentality' going on. You must work to make the relationship grow stronger, or it has no value to either of you.

During the Sagittarius Moon, you'll both notice you're on the same track. You think alike, and your values are aligned. While this has taken time and will continue to take even more time, you are both ready to hunker down for the long haul. All of this is good news for you, Aries, as you are finally with someone who takes the idea of longevity seriously. Good for you, and good for them.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

In the past, you've seen how you've tried to bulldoze your way into having the perfect relationship. As long as you could elicit an agreement from your partner, you'd be able to sit tight and let the feeling of security wash over you. But the past has also shown you that this is a two-way street, this love thing. It's not all about you controlling what the next move needs to be and getting your partner to agree on it.

Still, this has been a learning lesson for you. During the Sagittarius Moon, you'll realize that you need to change your ways, or rather redirect your ways. The love is still strong. Your partner is still with you — they have never shown you anything other than support. Because you want this love to grow stronger, you will come around to face yourself in the mirror.

You recognize that during the Sagittarius Moon, you are much more confident about trusting the flow of the universe than at any time before. you feel as though you're finally 'getting the hint.' Let it flow, let it run. This is love, and it needs 'wiggle room' to grow and spread its wings. You now know you can not and do not need to control it. This opens up the world for you and allows your love to become rock solid.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

For a very long time, you sat in judgment over your relationship, finding new ways to blame your partner for all that has gone wrong. If you take the blame yourself, you plummet into depression. Never once have you considered that all of this bickering might have a bright light to it if only the two of you would open your eyes to see it. That's how the Sagittarius Moon comes in to save the day.

You know that you have something that others do not have, and that is stamina. You can refocus that stamina and start to rebuild what you've already created as a strong foundation. In other words, you're together for a reason. 

All this time spent with your romantic partner is not some kind of endurance test. It's like you've been exercising the body that is the relationship. Now, if you look at what's happened, you realize that together, you are a seriously mean machine.

And by 'mean,' we don't mean nasty. We mean that you have survived the ups, downs and in-betweens. Now it's time to applaud yourselves for getting through what would break another couple. Your relationship has grown stronger through trial and error. It looks like you've 'lived to tell.' You did it. You made it through the storm, Capricorn.

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