3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Many Struggles In March 2024

March shows us that the rough times are just...times. No biggie.

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'Beware the Ides of March' is an old, antiquated expression that brings up the idea that March brings betrayal and surprise. If we were to take every old, antiquated expression to heart, then we would most certainly not get anywhere in life. so it's best to see things like this as humorous rather than as a 'case in point.' There is nothing special about March in terms of good or bad luck. It is merely a month, a chunk of time, documented in a calendar of events.


However, that doesn't necessarily mean that March is exempt from rough moments. We will see that because of events prior to this month's existence, three zodiac signs may have to deal with the fallout of such previous actions. That's OK, as it's nothing we can't handle. We all make mistakes. One of the drawbacks of mistakes is that there's always time to go over them in order to smooth them out.

But, what smoothing them out brings us is clarity and a much easier life. We have many astrological transits that will help us get through the rough times. We have the healing effect that comes with Venus sextile Node, the ability to rise above challenges during Mercury opposite Lilith, the power of the mind as supported by Mercury conjunct Neptune, and the ability to envision ourselves as happy and healthy, thanks to Venus in Pisces. The absolute strength of resolve that comes with the Sun and a Full Moon in Aries. There is nothing we can't overcome, and March shows us that the rough times are just times. No biggie.


Three zodiac signs who overcome their struggles in March 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

As the month grows closer and closer to your zodiacal season of Aries, you may feel as though you, too, are growing impatient, waiting for 'your turn' to come around. What's going on with you is that you've been going through huge personal healing. During Venus sextile Node, you might not be able to catch up with all the good and interesting new things that are happening in your life. 

What this implies is that you are still unused to the really new changes that you've created for yourself, and you still might be in a state of doubt. Having a great love life is not something you are used to. While it's definitely something you want, you may find that you are unconsciously waiting for it to somehow explode in your face. You are stuck on doubting the good things in your life, and that might bring you down during March of 2024.

What you can work on to make it better: Your best to change it around and make yourself feel better is to know that you are the one responsible for making the greatest changes in your life and that if you're experiencing the best of it now but cannot handle how good it all is, then get out of your way and accept that you truly are a magician when it comes to turning your life around. You brought this magic, Aries. You're the one who fixed your life. You're the one who stuck with the belief. Here you are today, and all is well in your March world. Know it.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

If you stay stuck in the old ways, then, of course, nothing good is going to come out of March, so do yourself a favor and immediately stop before you start when it comes to buying into something negative. There is no promise of a bad day here. 

You can't stay in that mindset, waiting for the rough day to fall on your head, leaving you paralyzed and unable to move forward. Break that old pattern, Leo. It's March of 2024, and you've got Venus sextile Node to work with, not to mention the many other healing transits.

Meanwhile, Pisces' energy has you tapping into that sensitive side of your personality. You may feel perhaps a little too 'empathetic' to the point where other people's troubles become your troubles, but know this Aries Sun is coming shortly.


You always make the best out of that power surge. If you are going through a down period, then know from experience that never lasts. And with a Full Moon in Aries shining directly down on you, you'll feel your power return in a flash.

What you can work on to make it better: The most important thing for you to do to avoid making March into a series of nonstop bummers is to not buy into the idea that you owe March a bad time. Snap out of it, Leo. You are the roaring power of the zodiac. While, yes, you are allowed your down days, you are also here to shine like the sun at midday. So make March your turn-around month. Don't sink into despair. We need you. You are our guide during these times.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


You sometimes get stuck in that rut that has you thinking this is your 'fate' to either be bored or stuck or denied or whatever. What's important for you to understand is that March has its moments, but they are only moments. If some of the negativity enters your psyche, let it be only for a brief visit. March may have you convinced that this is your fate. You are the one who can rewrite that fate at will, so get on top of that, Virgo.

With Mercury conjunct Neptune and Venus in Pisces, of course, you're going to be nervous when it comes to love and romance. You know deep down that there is nothing to worry about. You and your partner are safe. While it's only human for you to overthink things, why spend an entire month ruminating over things that don't exist? Don't make a big deal out of a negative fantasy, especially if that fantasy is yours alone.

What you can work on to make it better: You can trust in the situation and in the people that you've surrounded yourself with. You are someone who tends to lock into a pattern. If you find that feeling bad about something 'works' as a pastime, you just go with it.


Do yourself a huge favor, choose a distraction, and go with it. Don't let negativity be your default 'way of thinking.' Enjoy March, as it's waiting to show you all the good you deny yourself. Let it happen. Let the joy fill you, Virgo. It's safe.

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