3 Zodiac Signs Find Lasting Love On February 28 During The Scorpio Moon

There's a lot of sly smiling going on during this day.

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Three zodiac signs find lasting love on February 28, 2024, while the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. With the Sun conjunct Mercury during this day's Scorpio Moon, we can almost guarantee that our love lives will take on a very special aspect, as we feel very brave about expressing ourselves.

What brings us such a good feeling is the idea that we feel a certain kind of trust for the person we are with.


While we may have been trusting them all along, something about this particular day shows us that we've been right about them. They are worthy of our trust.

With the Scorpio Moon influencing three zodiac signs, we may find that this new and revised version of 'trust' can lead to some very exciting experiences.


Where, at one point, we might have held off from diving into such experiences, this day allows us to feel the right amount of personal liberation to shrug off any old and unwanted inhibitions.

This Wednesday allows lovers to share a secret. Part of that secret may lie in the idea that this love affair can last.

'That's our little secret.' We who get to feel the full effect of the Scorpio Moon during Sun conjunct Mercury, and we will see a lot of sly smiling going on throughout the day, and who doesn't love a sly smile?

Three zodiac signs find lasting love on February 28, 2024:

And this is what makes them feel like the luckiest people in love this Wednesday.


1. Cancer, you believe in success when it comes to true love.

One thing that you never wanted to have to explore is the idea of taking a failed love affair and trying to make it into a success story. The best part about this kind of thinking is that you, Cancer, will never have to do this as your story is a complete success.

That doesn't mean it's come easy. Yes, you have put in the emotional labor. Here you are on this day, February 28, 2024, and so far so good.

During the Scorpio Moon and Sun conjunct Mercury on February 28, you will experience the privilege of being in a relationship that works.

While this could *potentially* be a bragging point, you don't want to ruffle the feathers of the universe by pushing it too hard. The reality is that you've made this work, and you have a partner who is totally down for all of it.


Being a Cancer zodiac sign means you have a foot in the concept of security and a home base, and your love life follows this pattern. You'll see there's no need to fret over the details, as you and your partner have already made a life agreement to be together through thick and thin.

If you argue, who cares? You are together, and you eventually work things out. During the Scorpio Moon, you'll find it's quite easy to 'get over' just about anything because you are together — happily.

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2. Libra, you're in love — and it feels good.

The kind of relationship you've created with your partner is so unique and private that you both find yourselves laughing a lot of the time. During the Scorpio Moon during Sun conjunct Mercury on February 28, 2024, you'll enjoy one such day as everything seems like an inside joke.

You'll crack up in public looking at your mate's face as you know exactly what's on their mind. They won't be able to hold back their laughter, either.

This is what you call a solid foundation. Yes, the love is there, but so is the friendship, good vibes, and the values ... but the laughter? Ah, the laughter. Sun conjunct Mercury shines a strong light on the levity that the two of you can create at any given moment. This energy is a rare gift, and not every couple comes with the ability to let loose and watch the comedy of it all take over. This day is all about comedy and happy laughter. 


February 28, 2024, also lets you know that you've chosen the right person to be with and that there is no reason to look any further.

We sometimes get it into our minds that there is probably a 'better' partner for us out there 'somewhere,' but you know that this only happens when we doubt our present situation. You, on the other hand, have zero doubts, Libra. The one you are with is the one you will stay with until the end of time. How romantic!

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3. Sagittarius, you've worked on yourself, and that makes you ready for love.

Because you've been working hard on yourself to improve certain things about your personality and the way you perceive others, you will show the person in your life that on this day, you truly have changed. You are much more open now than ever before, and that's because you've worked hard to trust the person you are in a relationship with.


It will take time and effort, but you aren't alone. During the Scorpio Moon during Sun conjunct Mercury, you'll find that your partner isn't standing in judgment on you, waiting for you to change according to a set of rules. Oh no, they are there right by your side, learning the lessons of love on their own time.

What you'll notice has happened on this day, February 28, 2024, is that you've never been alone on this journey and that self-renewal is something you and your partner have been working on simultaneously.

What a beautiful thing to know that this whole thing doesn't fall on you. You've taken on that responsibility for way too long. It feels very freeing to know that this is a joint effort, this romantic relationship of yours.


You feel as though you can walk into March of 2024 arm in arm with the one you love, smiling all the while feeling safe, confident and secure in their love. This is true; this is real, Sagittarius.

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