3 Zodiac Signs Make Peace With The Past On February 26, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Make Peace With The Past On February 26, 2024

This day may go down in our personal history of success stories. February 26, 2024, brings us a set of conditions that allows us to see the past, the present, and the future and place a value on each.

What is always most obvious is that the present is where we are now, so it holds a place of importance. What got us here is the past, but so much of the past is filled with memories that many of us would rather forget.

So much of the goal of the present is to LIVE in the present. To make that a peaceful and desirable place to be, we have to make peace with the past literally. During The Libra Moon opposite Neptune, we can show ourselves that the past holds no more influence over us, and most certainly not to the degree where it holds us back.

February 26, 2024, shows us that the past no longer exists and that the life we have right now is so precious and fleeting that we need to accept everything we've been through to open our hearts to whatever is yet to come.

These three zodiac signs can make peace with the past on this day because we've put in the work. We knew all along that it was indeed possible.

Three zodiac signs will make peace with their past on February 26, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

There are times when you feel as though you have a full-length book inside you, just waiting to be written. The story of your life may be unbelievable to others, as you know you've been through a lot. And yet, here you are. It's February 26, 2024, and lo and behold, you've lived to tell. You are a brave warrior, Aries, and that's no joke or turn of phrase. You're the real deal regarding survival, and here you are, ready to accept your own story.

You've been working on healing for a lifetime and had many great opportunities to grow. During this day's transit, the Libra Moon opposite Neptune, you'll feel the entire universe is here to conspire with you to find that healing. Whatever took you down in the past is now something you can face head-on. And you'll face it and conquer it as the energy that comes with the Libra Moon opposite Neptune allows us to heal past hurts.

You are the only person who knows what the word 'forgiveness' means, as it is a very personal understanding for you. There are people from your past that you can no longer hold on to for any reason whatsoever. If they bring you pain, then you must own that pain and find closure in the way you approach your memory of them. They cannot hurt you now, Aries. This is because you were strong enough to protect yourself with self-love and self-esteem.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

February 26, 2024, marks a date in your life that shows you that you can, indeed, move forward and make peace with a number of issues that you've unconsciously carried with you for what feels like a lifetime. With the help of friends and caring people, you have come to see that you are just as entitled to healing and positive change as anybody else. On this day, during the Libra Moon opposite Neptune, you confront the idea that things really aren't as bad as you've made them out to be.

That's not to say you didn't go through your torment. But there's no longer a place in your life to repeat those mistakes again and again. Being conscious of it is what does the trick for you. That, and the ability to express yourself. When you let it out and get to the bottom of it all, you purge yourself of all that held you back. On February 26, 2024, you will start to feel free. The Libra Moon opposite Neptune is here to liberate you and allow you to feel at peace with the past.

You forgot that you were a happy-go-lucky person, didn't you, Sagittarius? You let the world weigh down on you to the point where you start identifying with your gripes. How fortunate you are that the Libra Moon opposite Neptune smiles down on you on this day, February 26, 2024. Let you know there's still so much 'good' life to be lived. So get out there and start living it as a happier, healthier person.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

What you haven't been aware of is how the past came to shape the present. While you thought you had it all under control, you've discovered that you haven't been as happy as you pretended to be, and that's where the Libra Moon opposite Neptune comes in to shake that concept up. The truth is, Capricorn, that you've been lying to yourself; you've needed more. You fell into a trap that allowed no light in. You held tightly to that trap door, keeping it shut.

What's so remarkable about this day, February 26, 2024, is that the Libra Moon opposite Neptune will not let you stay in that self-made dungeon for long. In fact, this is the day you recognize with your full strength that you are the one responsible for letting in the light. The past no longer holds sway over you, and anything that keeps you in the past is an illusion, a mirage.

What this day brings you is freedom from the past and the ability to recognize it for what it was: a lesson bringer. Well, you've learned the lessons, Capricorn, and this gives you all the closure you need. You can now feel free to love again. You can trust that the universe has good things in store for you and that, yes, you deserve all the best in everything. It's true. During the Libra Moon opposite Neptune, you will make peace with the past. You will, for all intents of purpose ... move on happily.

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