3 Zodiac Signs Learn An Important Lesson About Love Before The Weekend

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3 Zodiac Signs Learn An Important Lesson About Love Before The Weekend

Three zodiac signs learn an important lesson about love before the weekend thanks to the transit Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius rules our higher, more intuitive mind, and it helps us to see things we need to see about relationships, love and self-sufficiency.

We may feel as though we've bit off more than we could chew on this day, February 22, 2024. that is because we have a few ideas about love that don't match our current relationship and situation. Yes, three zodiac signs will make a mistake in judgment on this day but it will teach a valuable lesson in love.

What we're going to find on this day, February 22, 2024, is that we are spectacularly off base. This more than likely comes to us during a conversation that we will be having with a person that we assume 'likes' us back.

While they may like us, they do not 'like' us in the way we want them to, which is romantically and with devotion. Alas, that's not the case during Venus conjunct Mars. For three zodiac signs, the slam dunk rejection will be shocking and surprising.

We just have bad timing on this day, and that's OK. Of course, it won't feel OK at the time, but how could we know? We are riding on a wave of love that has us believing that we are invincible and wondering how on earth this person could NOT love us the same way we love them.

We'll learn the difference starting February 22, 2024, and it may take through the weekend to really get it. We may just have to get used to love that comes on different terms. It's all OK.

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Three zodiac signs learn an important lesson about love before the weekend:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

The only reason your timing feels so off in love on this day, February 22, 2024, is that you want things with this person now. It's not that you aren't going to get what you want because, with Venus conjunct Mars in the sky, you will more than likely get everything you want. However, this day will teach you that you must wait for love like the rest of the crowd. That may anger you, Aries.

You are accustomed to thinking of yourself as irresistible. When it comes to love and romance, you already know what you've got and how valuable you are in being in a love relationship.

What constitutes bad timing on this day, February 22, 2024, is the idea that you just can't wait to tell your friends about your soon-to-be partner, but the relationship really needs more time to grow. You prefer to let love be impulsive and direct, but your cautious partner worries this could endanger the relationship.

Still, you are pretty talented when it comes to rectifying your desires. If having to wait is your only problem on this day, then in a way, you're doing pretty good. The thing is, there's probably not a lesson in waiting for love that you will actually like because you already know you're in love. What you don't know is how to wait. It's that simple. Venus conjunct Mars shows you that your love takes time. You also don't really care that it takes time since you know what you want now.

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2. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Your feeling about how this day, February 22, 2024, goes down in love is one of resignation. It is what it is, and that's how you feel. You realize that you didn't give in to someone else's demands for what they felt was required of you. Because you didn't allow yourself to be manipulated, they have decided to withhold their love — love you wanted, but they say you didn't try for. It's all OK in your mind as you feel this is just one relationship, and infinitely more relationship opportunities await you.

That's one great thing about you, Taurus. You never really let a malicious person get you down. On February 22, 2024, if you're told that someone you want is no longer available to you, you'll move on. You find it ridiculous to be told an ultimatum and that this has happened because you didn't act at a time when you should have.

OK, what can you do? Your attitude gets help during Venus conjunct Mars. While you aren't happy that things didn't work out, you know it's no biggie in the long run. You probably dodged a bullet and see the red flags for what they are.

Things like 'bad timing' really don't exist in your world. It's not the way it does in other people's worlds. You are happy 'as is, 'and yes, you will miss them because you cared. Oh, you are learning many lessons from all of this. You are absolutely going to pay closer attention to the red flags in the future. What you refuse to do is suffer for it, and good for you, Taurus.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

If your timing is off on this day, February 24, 2024, it's because something confused you. While you aren't fond of admitting to confusion, you'll privately acknowledge that maybe in the future, you need to be more alert and attentive when the big info comes into your life. You are used to sharing your burden with a romantic partner. So, when they aren't around, you aren't happy to take full responsibility without them doing their part.

During the transit of Venus conjunct Mars, you will want to storm text them for missing out on a perfect opportunity. Still, you will immediately justify their behavior by trying to convince yourself that being alone and independent is what you really want.

So, during Venus conjunct with Mars, you will accept what you don't want. You'll tell yourself that this is exactly what you DID want all along.

You will, however, learn a great lesson on this day, February 24, 2024. That is, you really do need to pay closer attention at times, as your partner is not your keeper. Even though they love you and enjoy taking care of you, you are the one who needs to make the right choices for yourself when your partner is not there. Don't get used to someone else doing things with you all the time, as that will always lead to codependency, and you do love to be autonomous even when you're in love.

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