February 8 Love Horoscopes Are So Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs

If we wish to speak up and tell it like it is, then there's no better day than this one.

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We see that on February 8, 2024, many of us, but most especially three zodiac signs, are luckiest in love. Three fortunate zodiac signs will completely fall prey to their heart's desire, which is actually a good thing. We may find that during the Aquarius Moon, we can't help but want what we want.

Three zodiac signs will go for it without inhibition or fear. If we wish to speak up and tell it like it is, then there's no better day than February 8, 2024, to do so.


During the Aquarius Moon, a certain kind of hubris follows us around, which gives us the courage to take chances that we might not necessarily consider on any other day during any other transit. A feeling that comes with this day shows us that if we don't take risks, we might never receive the reward we believe is ours. In this case, the reward is romantic love.

During the Aquarius Moon, we are open-minded and willing. While we may come across as detached emotionally, we are simply going about things 'our way.' Our love lives improve greatly because we are detached in a way.


We aren't forcing things to go our way with our romantic partners. We trust in the universe and believe it will go our way because we are honest, lovable and down-to-earth with our feelings.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on February 8, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You have given yourself over to the power of positivity, and you truly do believe that the universe is conspiring to help you. In this way, you let things go easily, meaning that if you and your partner are 'off' on one day, you can trust in the universe to supply you with the right words and actions to set things right. You are also keen on the idea that your partner won't let you down in this department either, so you are patient and even-tempered.

During the Aquarius Moon, you will enjoy the process that comes with the ebb and flow of a working relationship. February 8, 2024, presents you with a set of situations that may, at first, feel like an obstacle course, but you know that this path leads to a stronger understanding between you and your romantic partner. All of this is very welcome in your world.


On February 8, 2024 you kick back and put all your trust in 'the way' without feeling the need to interfere. You love your partner, and you feel that everything that happens to the two of you is part of the big picture. You enjoy the lows as well as the highs, and this is what makes up so much of your loving relationship. You both enjoy it all, as it all benefits your romantic experience.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

On February 8, 2024, you will see your partner in a new light. So much of this involves the idea that you want to bring change. You want your perception to be one of acceptance. You are tired of judging your partner unfairly simply because you find fault with your self-perception. You are growing spiritually, and now, during the Aquarius Moon, you feel ready to look at your behavior and stop judging others so harshly.


This is a gift you can give your partner, Gemini, and they will notice it almost immediately. During the Aquarius Moon is that you allow yourself your self-acceptance because, for the first time in a very long while, you feel as though you are actually pretty cool. You aren't the monster you sometimes paint yourself to be. During the Aquarius Moon, you don't know why you do this or why you are so hard on yourself.

When you lighten up, you can love more freely, which will be obvious to your romantic partner on February 8, 2024. Try and stick with this, Gemini. Remember that your partner is part of the plan here, and if you get down on yourself, you shut off your ability to love them fully, which is what you really want to do. It is also what they want from you. Be generous with your love, Gemini.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


It's very easy for you to go with the flow on this day, February 8, 2024, and that is because, during the Aquarius Moon, you feel free with your emotions. The desire to express yourself during this time seems to be unrestricted. During the Aquarius Moon, you are very much in touch with concepts like 'the big picture,' and what this means to you, in terms of your love life, is that if you can go with the flow, then you'll be able to keep this romance going for all time.

You like thinking that what you have is something that will never go away, and that's a pretty fantastic dream and one worth working on. You've also learned that the 'work' that comes with maintaining a romance has so much to do with acceptance and compromise. On February 8, 2024, you see no problem with that at all. It's all good where you are concerned, Pisces. All good.

So, on February 8, 2024, you may spend the day with your loved one in relative silence, simply enjoying each other's company, occasionally smiling at each other with knowing eyes. This is all good. You've reached a new plateau in your relationship. During the Aquarius Moon, you will feel accomplished and happy to continue with what you've already built.


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