3 Zodiac Signs May Fall For The Wrong Person On February 6

After all, we're in love, right?

3 Zodiac Signs Fall For The Wrong Person On February 6, 2024 George_Chernilevsky from Pixabay via Canva/Riddhima's Images and FatCamera From Getty Images Signature | Canva Pro

There is an old expression that says, 'The heart wants what the heart wants,' and while it may be a simplification of thought, what lies behind this statement is that we, when we fall in love, follow no rules.

We lead ourselves where our hearts want to go, paying no attention to stop signs, warning bells, or obvious blockades. We simply go where our hearts want to go.

During the transit of Moon square Neptune, which will occur on February 6, 2024, we will fall for the wrong person. We certainly don't think this is the wrong person, nor do we care if it is.


If we are one of the three zodiac signs most vulnerable to the pull of Moon square Neptune, we won't care if the person we fall for comes with a red stamp on their head that says, 'Do not fall in love with me.'

The power of Neptune has us believing our own story. On this day, February 6, 2024, the story is told to us by our hearts, and our hearts are liars. We will follow that lie all the way home. 


While we may not see what's to come just yet or how that lie unravels us, we will go with it anyway because we are blind to the idea that anything could go wrong. After all, we're in love, right?

Three zodiac signs fall for the wrong person on February 6, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

One of the things you may find happening is that the people in your family will be voicing their noisy opinions on the subject of who you love and who you have chosen to spend all your time with.

You have never sought anyone's approval, so the idea that on February 6, 2024, there are those in your family who show you that they disapprove of your choice of partner makes you laugh. It's really none of their business.


During the transit of Moon square Neptune on this day, February 6, 2024, you may even agree with them, but that doesn't mean you want to hear all about it.

You are tired of hearing about your partner's unbearable mistakes or how they are 'such a loser.' You may agree with all of this, but this is the person you are with right now, and you will give them a chance. You love them, and well, that's really all anyone needs to know.

If the person you are with is the wrong person, then so be it. That's life. It's not like we all immediately choose the right person, and that's mainly because it takes time to get to know a person. 

We all have 'right and wrong' within us. You just happen to love the person you are with, and you're not giving up on them simply because everyone in your life feels the need to berate you over your choices.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

If the heart wants what the heart wants, then you made your decision a long time ago because the person you are with is still the person your heart wants, even though there are many people in your life who swear that everything about your partner is wrong, wrong, wrong.

It's amazing how people get it into their heads that they know what goes on in another person's life or mind. Still, the folks in your life manage to always fill you in on their opinion.

February 6, 2024, shows you that you've always believed in the person you are with, even when you know they may have a few screws loose, or whatever your friends decide to call it.


What they don't know is that during Moon square Neptune, you feel even stronger about your emotional tie to this person that everyone has decided to chalk off. you don't care if you fall in love with 'the wrong person.' They are YOUR person.

So, it will go on like this until the noise dims, which it will never do, as there is always someone who needs to teach you a lesson about what it's like to be you if you are to be a happy person.

Oh, how dreadfully dull they all are, and yet, they continue to yap on as if this was the most interesting topic on earth to them. You have your life and your partner, and whatever it is, it's yours. You love it ... and them. You just don't care how 'wrong' they are.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You will never, ever, ever turn your back on the person you love. You knew this to be the case from the first moment you saw them. They were instantly the wrong person to fall in love with, and you knew it. Did you care? Not at all, nor will you ever.

Wrong or right, this is something that is up for interpretation, and on February 6, 2024, during the transit of Moon square Neptune, 'wrong' is right, in your opinion, Aquarius.


You aren't someone who plays by the rules or does anything that even slightly comes close to what is expected of a person in love, so why would you do an about-face now, even though you live with constant reminders of how this person isn't the right one for you?

Your friends are always making little suggestions and digs that let you know they totally disapprove. OK, so what of it? They disapprove, and now you're supposed to stop? Oh, right, like that's going to happen. NOT.

February 6, 2024, only strengthens your resolve to stick like glue to the person who is completely and utterly wrong for you. You aren't here to please others, only yourself, Aquarius. 

During Moon square Neptune, you know how to live your life your way. Wrongness is only something your heart can judge, and so far ... you like them just like they are.


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