3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Some Pretty Big Setbacks This Week

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3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Some Pretty Big Setbacks This Week

In an attempt to do way more than we can do this week, three zodiac signs will find that they will create such a situation that actually works against them rather than for them.

We are filled with great intentions during this time, but because it's February, we may have it in our minds that we can start rushing things along.

There's an air of impatience following us during the week. It may show up as us, getting in our way.

Transits that lead to rough weekly horoscopes for Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn involve:

Mars in harmony with Neptune and the Moon with Neptune:

These difficult transits involve Mars and Neptune during the first half of the week, and they work on our sense of anxiety and stress, and so much of it will be self-induced.

Those good intentions of ours may end up being triggers for thoughts of failure or self-doubt.

Moon square Uranus:

The Moon square Uranus transit comes in later in the week and develops so much of what we might call self-disapproval. We're just not moving along fast enough for our standards.

An Aquarius New Moon has us thinking that we should be more than we are.

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Mercury square Jupiter rounding the week out for us:

We may find that we speak out of frustration rather than from a place of peace and intelligence. We see great things for ourselves, but we get in our way trying to determine if we're 'good enough' to make those things happen.

Here's how three zodiac signs handle their rough weekly horoscopes and overcome setbacks leading to success.

1. Aries, confrontation triggers a strong response.

Leading energy: Mars

This week, you could be confronted by someone, perhaps even a total stranger, and you will feel as though you have to take charge and show them who's boss. This could be something as silly as an online confrontation, but it will have you feeling so accosted and demeaned that you cannot let it go. What's going on is that your secret inferiority complex will be tested ... and you will not like that.

You may see that you project superiority to deflect from what you believe is your show of neurosis. You don't want anyone to catch on to the idea that you really don't believe in yourself as much as you'd like your public image to portray, and this could lead you to be a little too much of a show-off.

There are some hefty Mars influences taking place at this time, and if you want to rise above the difficulty that you perceive to be taking place, then your best bet would be to ride it out and just let it go. The more you react, the more you show that you are attached to everyone's approval; try giving yourself some distance from the online world. You owe nobody an explanation, Aries. Show your strength through silence, not through preaching.

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2. Cancer, things are not moving fast enough for you.

Leading energy: Mercury and Neptune

The Mercury and Neptune influence has you convinced that something 'more' should be happening now. That weird feeling of not belonging may hit you during the week, and if you let it get to you, you'll build yourself an entire story that has you portrayed as the sad sack who can't get anywhere.

What you need to understand is that you are in charge of this story, and if you get yourself into a funk that has you feeling as though you are missing out, then you will create that into actuality, and that will not be worth your time. You've got a lot of positive Jupiter influxes coming your way, so be open to the idea that this is just another week in the life and that you'll be fine ... if you just let yourself be that way.

It's important to know that you can turn your negative feelings around if you notice them, mention them and come to understand that they are not as strong as you give them credit for. They are your feelings; they are not living beings that take up much room. You can get on top of these feelings as soon as you realize that you don't have to give them any more time than they deserve, which is very little time, indeed.

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3. Capricorn, sometimes, you feel like you've wasted so much of your life. 

Leading energy: Jupiter and Mercury

While thinking you've wasted your life may sound highly dramatic, well, you are a highly dramatic sort of person, Capricorn, and that's just how you process your feelings. You will sink back a little into some good old dread, meaning that you'll be taking a long, hard look at 'all' of the mistakes that led you to this place.

No, that doesn't sound like fun at all, but what you have to remember is that you do this now and then, which also implies that you can Undo this just as effortlessly. Effortlessly? How could such a thing be possible? Well, Capricorn, this is your specialty. You can work things out, and you've spent so much time forgetting that your doubtful feelings can also be worked out. The week brings you your moment of realization when you figure out that you can heal yourself.

That's how you will rise above it all. What seeks to drag you down is something that is within your power to control, so why bother giving up the reins, once again, to a power that only hurts you? This is the week that it all becomes clear for you; you don't have to continue this pain service. You are free to be happy and free of the stress that you give yourself. You've got a lot of Jupiter working with Mercury this week; use it to your advantage.

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