Luck In Love Comes Easiest To 3 Zodiac Signs On January 20, 2024

What brings us love on this day is our ability to be original and unconventional.

Luck In Love Comes Easiest To 3 Zodiac Signs On January 20, 2024 Arina Krasnikova from Pexels, Max Reyes from Sketchify, Artulina, Dovapi from Getty Images Pro | Canva Pro

Welcome to the first day of Aquarius season. It's January 20, 2024, and the Aquarius Sun is in town, shining and showing us what it's all about when it comes to harmony, love, friendship, openness and definitely ... individuality.

We don't have to be born under the Aquarius Sun to experience what the first day of the season brings, which is definitely going to be positive and advantageous when it comes to love and romance.


There are three zodiac signs, including Aquarius, that get it. We are the independent thinkers, the ones who allow ourselves a vision 'outside of the box.' We are the humanitarians who adore the planet and make a space in our hearts for the animals of the world. We are the social types who get together with like-minded friends, and we are the lovers who give it all for the sake of romantic love.

What brings us love on this day, January 20, 2024, is our ability to be original and unconventional. We are anything but boring on this day, and this is going to show up in our romantic relationships as charm, wit and intellect. We are just as ready to argue as we are to snuggle, and all is done under the umbrella of love and understanding. It's a good day, indeed.


Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on January 20, 2024:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You absolutely refuse to feel anything but excitement and positivity on this day, January 20, 2024, and with the Aquarius Sun shining high in your favor, you'll find that success is easy when you put your mind to it. You feel as though you've coughed up enough negative energy over the last few weeks to last a lifetime, and you're starting to get the hint that you're the one who makes your world tolerable or intolerable.

And, you incorporate helpers, as the I Ching would say. You decide that if you're going to raise yourself up and out of the doldrums, then you're taking the people you love with you. January 20, 2024, has you feeling optimistic and resolved. You're tired of hearing the sound of your voice as all you do is complain. OK, you got the point; there's always something to complain about. Next window, please.

During the Aquarius Sun, you can't help but want to push aside the dragging negative energy that you've been celebrating for months. Both you and your romantic partner will recognize this together, too, which makes this day all the more special. So, it looks like you won't have to do much work to get a rise out of your partner. They are fully into it and you will see that things get done during the Aquarius Sun.


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2. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

It may mean telling one person in your life to go away. Still, this day, January 20, 2024, is all about getting together with the people you trust because they are the ones who are going to support your dream ... not like that trouble-making 'other' friend of yours who never sees the point in what you do. You are tired of being doubted to death, and on this day, you opt for fun people who are willing to believe in you.

During the Aquarius Sun, you'll feel charged up and ready to start it all over again, as you've had to take a break from so much over the last few weeks. You'll see that it's a lot easier during the Aquarius Sun to reach out to your romantic partner as they are finally available to you, mentally, emotionally and physically. You might even say they are psychically available to you as well, which makes you happy.


The reason you feel psychically connected to the person you love on this day, January 20, 2024, is because, during the Aquarius Sun, you are open and able to pick up on whatever the universe puts in your path. You aren't worried about bills or family members on this day, and you don't have the harried thoughts of having to be anywhere special. You've got the entire day to concentrate on the one you love and that gives you joy.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

While you may not be spending this day with your romantic partner, you will be with friends and family members who sure do enjoy a good time, and they will fill in the void. It's not that your partner isn't around emotionally. It's more along the lines of them being far away and not able to literally hang out with you on January 20, 2024, during the Aquarius Sun. This new season ushers in the desire for social interaction, and you will fulfill that need on this day.


The romantic part is that you'll be touching base with your special person throughout the day, filling them in on what you're doing, and this will give them a giddy little thrill. You both like the idea that you're 'reporting back,' and it makes you both feel as though you have a unique connection that takes place with or without each other's physical presence. They are with you in spirit, and you feel it in your soul ... this tickles you.

During the Aquarius Sun, you feel at peace and on this day, January 20, 2024, you'll enjoy being with other people simply because you know you have this 'other' super fantastic connection to someone you love. It's as if you carry with you a secret smile all day long, knowing that whatever you do on this day, you are accompanied by the warm spirit of the person you love. There is much laughter and happiness on this day, January 20, 2024.

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