3 Zodiac Signs Take Love To The Next Level On January 6, 2024

All of those long talks are really starting to pay off.

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Let's just face facts: it's hard to have a 'bad' day during Sun sextile Moon. On January 6, 2024, we might as well accept it: this is going to be a very good day for love, for fun, and for living our best lives. While this transit makes its good vibe available to everyone, there will definitely be three zodiac signs that will rise to the top on this particular day.

We know that our approach to love, on this day, is one of acceptance. We've come a long way and now, it seems as though all of that hard work and all of those long talks are really starting to pay off. We have come to accept that the person we love is not an offshoot of ourselves but a unique individual worthy of knowing in their own right. Long gone are the days of expectation; we are happy with what we have right now.


We are ready to take this love to a whole new level as of this day, January 6, 2024. With Sun sextile Moon leading the way, we feel as though we've already got a head start on just about everything good and wholesome. We want to get into healthy thinking, creative projects and the simple art of 'being together.' We don't ask for much, but we know that what we DO want is all about kindness.


The three zodiac signs take their love to a new level on January 6, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

During this day, you might feel as though a tinge of regret comes up, and that's only because you know that as of this day, January 6, 2024, you seem to be on to something and you wonder why you never felt this way or acted this way in the past, towards your romantic partner. While this day is not in the slightest bit about regret, you will see that so much of what it is about is knowing you've found someone really special and honoring that for what it is.

January 6, 2024, puts you and your romantic partner in the spotlight, and what that means is that there's no escaping the fact that it's on this day that you have to confront something that can no longer go without taking a good, hard look at. What you also may discover is that if you have the guts to 'go deep,' you'll end up with buried treasure and that's what's going to elevate your relationship to the next level.

So, in a way, this day is about being brave and trusting in the idea that you can rise above obstacles and that if you and your partner work together to create a brighter future together, there is nothing to stop you. With communication being the key factor here, you'll learn that on January 6, 2024, you are now in the running for a great relationship. This is made possible to you through Sun sextile Moon.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Why enjoy the good times solely for the purpose of keeping them in one place when you and your partner can move this party forward into the future? What this basically means is that on January 6, 2024, both you and your partner will recognize that the times have definitely changed and that both of you are not only pleased with how the romance has turned out, but you are also both ready to take it to the next level.

This is typical good horoscope stuff, as it always comes with surprises and hints at a better future. If you have to look backward at what the past brought you, you feel as though you're missing the whole point of living in the now, and that's what you and your partner discover on this day, January 6: the now moment is awesome, so what does that make the future?


It's this kind of thinking that might have both you and your romantic partner feeling slightly blissed out on this day, and that's because suddenly it all hits you: THIS IS WORKING! Holy moly, it really is, and whereas you once wanted to keep that on the down-low, lest the 'gods' above hear you and instantly toss you a jinx, now you don't believe in jinxes. You believe in love, and that brings you everything you need. Now and in the future. Next level time, here we come.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

When you catch a good vibe, you ride that vibe for all its worth, and on January 6, 2024, you won't be able to misinterpret the good vibe that is taking place on this day. Both you and the person you are in a relationship with feel it and it is undeniable. This is where you get to either override your positive feelings by interjecting some nasty thinking or you flow with it, as nature intended for you to do.


What takes your love to the next level, Scorpio is that you give in to nature's way, which means you don't fight a good thing, and a good thing is definitely what the two of you are presently experiencing. You can't help but feel stoked for the future because the present is so incredible and it really does seem as though whatever kept you back in the past ... stayed in the past. There is no room for the past during Sun sextile Moon.

What's really nice is that you aren't feeling defensive on this day, Scorpio. You're not waiting around for the party to end, nor are you anticipating some great disaster. It's that very anticipation, or rather, the lack of it on this day, that allows you to breathe easy and believe that you and your romantic partner can grow into something even more special than you believe you already are. Believing is seeing, Scorpio!

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