What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest This Week With The New Moon

Enter this week with the spirit of hope and discipline.

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"The universe conspires with those who dare to manifest their desires ..." — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

To manifest properly the week of February 5, you need to set your intention, script it into existence and then continually act as if you already have it … because you do.

Some may think manifesting ensures that nothing bad will happen to you in your life. That is not the case. We share the earth with energy that exists on many different frequencies, and we are all on our individual paths that intersect with everyone else's path.




Our missteps are needed as part of our own hero's journey. Have you ever seen a protagonist in a film or movie not go through… stuff? Yea, me neither. For this week's scripting exercise, we plan how to face conflict healthily. Maybe the current way we respond isn't the greatest. That is already a past event. The new events will be as follows;


— I allow space for personal failures and disappointments. They are both my teachers, my stepping stones, and what will give me credibility when I eventually find success and reach back to help others do the same.

— I practice reciprocity in all gifts. These include acts of kindness, generosity, advice and material possessions. I provide the gifter with what they need at the moment. A kind word and a helping hand are my greatest gifts.

Write both these statements in your journal and meditate on them this morning. Now, let's look at the energy the cosmos has for the week. Lean into all intuitive hunches on Monday, February 5, when Mercury enters Aquarius.

These work best when you write them down so that the next time you doubt your intuitions, you will know that in the past, you could trust yourself, and now you can, too.




On February 6, the Moon in Capricorn lights a fire under us as we go forward with determination toward our goals, both short and long-term. Luckily, the new Moon in Aquarius arrives on 9 to lighten up the serious tone of the week. Spending time with friends and immersing yourself in their worlds will benefit you internally and externally.

The Moon in Pisces on 10 steers the wave of positive emotionality and connectedness we feel in the world by exposing truths to ourselves and giving us realistic and dynamic dreams and hunches (this is a great time to script). We end the week with the Moon with Venus, which makes us want to warm up with loved ones, family and pets. It was a great end to a very dynamic week.

Aries Manifest: Creative solutions

Expect smooth work transitions this week, as the stars are actually in your favor. Recognition for what you've been working on is near, making it easier for you to use your brainstorming skills for further improvement.


Journal Prompt:

Try a brainstorming exercise where you write "I create." Think of three things you create regularly. Then, consider whether these creative ideas are being used effectively. How far can you take these ideas, remix them and use them in ways you have never done before?

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Taurus Manifest: Imagination

A swarm of opportunities may arrive at your door, Taurus. It's easy to want to take them all, but slow down. Weigh the benefits of each and how these opportunities will bring you closer or farther from your dream life.

Journal Prompt to manifest your imagination:


In your dream life, what role do you play? Are you in the driver's seat, or does someone else lead? Are you the support for a business or schema, or do you create something out of nothing? Think about this in detail. Focus on what you want to feel, first and foremost.

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Gemini Manifest: Connection

The New Moon on February 9 will provide some unexpected activity, especially in your love life.

Journal Prompt:

Review your current relationships. What are the most inspiring parts of your relationship or (crush), and what improvements can be made to the connection you two share? Alternatively, what is one area in your communication skills that you could improve to foster connection?


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Cancer Manifest:  Soul retrieval 

A turning point sits on the horizon for you: Cancer — especially a possible emotional change of heart. People from the past may come trying to sneak back into your life. Most likely, exes. Consider how you felt at the end of your relationship with them and not the beginning of the courtship. Do you really want to feel that again?

Journal Prompt:

How can I protect my spirit from energy vampires?

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Leo Manifest: Self-acceptance

Some people see your worth and want to capitalize on what you have to offer. Perhaps this is a business idea or piece of advice you offered them. Make sure you own your confidence. You deserve the recognition.


Journal Prompt:

What parts of yourself do you love most? What parts of yourself have you rejected in the past that you now accept as part of your infectious personality?

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Virgo Manifest: Joy

Virgo, it goes without saying that you like routines. Because you're so good at them, you don't need to spend all your time setting them up. You got this! Whatever new role you take in your life will come easily to you. 

Journal Prompt:

What silly or simple things give you the most joy in life? Look at things that don't necessarily have a "purpose" except that they make you happy.


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Libra Manifest: Validation

With Pluto in your solar fifth house this month, you are filled with go-getter energy, which will surely propel you to accomplish all your goals. 

Journal Prompt:

Check in with your needs while you take on the world. But just what are your needs? Make a list of needs vs. wants. Keep that list with you, noting that your needs come first and, after completing work, a few of your wants, too.

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Scorpio Manifest: Restoration

After the New Moon this week, expect relief in areas related to your home and family. Now that the important things are sorted make sure your cup remains full.


Journal Prompt:

What are two small things you can do today to replenish your energy? It can be as small as a cup of tea and 5 minutes of meditation, but make sure to do it and notice your emotions and energy levels afterward.

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Sagittarius Manifest: Nourishment

Mercury joins the Sun in your communication sector this week, which gives energy to your ability to focus, reform and change.

Journal Prompt:

Take stock of your environment. What parts of your day are the most disorganized or that you dread? What can be done to your physical or energetic environment to make these parts of the day more pleasant? Look to Feng Shui, wabi-sabi, dopamine decor or just plain decluttering.


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Capricorn Manifest: Strong boundaries

This is month two of extreme activity in your relationships, career and environment, and February will not be slow in these ways either. Expect more instances of self-discovery and intuitive downloads throughout the weeks and months to come.


Journal Prompt:

With so much going on around you, it's easy to get set into your default mode of responding to stressful situations. Take a moment and think about the decisions that come easiest to you. Perhaps there are better ways to respond to them. Make a note of every time you make a decision that comes from conditioned thinking vs. weighing outcomes at the moment.

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Aquarius Manifest: Gratitude

While gratitude is a 24/7 endeavor to a better, more fulfilled life, it will benefit you to zero in on what you love about your life now. Mercury enters Aquarius on 5, and the veil of mystery lifts off of you. You know what to say, what to do, and to whom.


Journal Prompt:

What lessons can you extract from your moment of clarity? Start the entry by writing 'I am grateful that I learned XYZ" or "I am grateful for XYZ while I had them in my life because they taught me XYZ."

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Pisces Manifest: Courage

This week spells out the 'process' for you. There is a process for getting to where you go and a lot of involved preparedness. This should not discourage you at all because it's truly all in your hands.

Journal Prompt:

Walk yourself through the process this week. Literally, write down the goal and go backward what steps 1-7 you need to do. The goal for you requires doing things in a specific order, so writing this down will help you not bounce around to the easiest or most fun parts of the process and ignore the more challenging ones.


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