December 14 Love Horoscopes Are 'Karmically' Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs

Three zodiac signs will feel the power of positivity surge through their romantic relationships.

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'What we do in life echoes through eternity.' This is a quote from the great movie Gladiator, and what it implies is that the universe is so vast, so infinite, that our actions reverberate through the cosmos forever. What we call the Butterly Effect is really an unending process. truly, what we do in life really does echo throughout eternity.

How this comes into focus for us on this day, December 14, 2023, is that we have a 'karmically related' transit working with us, and it is called Sun trine Node.


This transit lets us feel that the universe is really here to show us that if we've done something good in the past, that 'reverberation' is coming back around again and that our good deed will, in turn, bring us good fortune.

During Sun trine Node, three zodiac signs will feel the power of positivity surge through their romantic relationships. We could all use a power surge in that department, couldn't we?


Fortunately, these three zodiac signs will get to have that experience, and it will look like verbal communication, healing and working together as a couple to make all things 'better.' One good thing leads to another during Sun trine Node.

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on December 14, 2023:

1. Taurus, you know that you've been a good person where your romantic partner is concerned.

While you're not hanging around looking for credit, you may find that on this day, December 14, 2023, your partner will be very forthcoming with their desire to express their gratitude towards you. They have noticed that you have gone above and beyond the 'call of duty' when it comes to the relationship you are having, and they will let you know this during the transit of Sun trine Node.

You didn't think that hearing words of gratitude or displays of serious appreciation would actually melt your heart. Get ready, Taurus, because the melting process is just beginning. Yes, you are a good person, and yes, you have put up with much where your partner is concerned.

You never really knew how much they cared about what you'd done for them. So, there are surprises you. This day makes you feel very happy and very justified for being such a stand-up person.


You are also someone who is never totally forgotten when it comes to friends and romantic interests, and this is because you are so good to the people you love. It's time for you to understand that you deserve only the best and that during transits like Sun trine Node, you will hear it with your ears and see it with your own eyes: you are loved. You are cherished. You are the apple of someone's eye and the very love that makes their heartbeat.

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2. Capricorn, when it comes to your romantic partner, you long ago gave up the idea that they'd ever 'meet you' halfway.

You know they love you, but they are not as obvious about their love as you are. Still, that doesn't mean they love you less. In order for you to feel good about your own life and choices, you've decided that it's best not to judge them for loving you 'their way.' They are, as it goes, not you. So they cannot ever be you in regards to 'how' you love.

That's where it brings you a radical awakening, as the transit of Sun trine Node seems to tear down that wall so that your romantic partner can, at least, give you back the kind of affirmation that lets you know that their feelings for you have always been the same and that you are loved to the Moon and back, Capricorn. They may not be the same kind of person as you are. On December 14, 2023, something will come over them and they will express their true feelings to you.


What you hear on this day will give you such a rush of positive energy and love that you'll feel as though your head shoots off your body and rockets around space for a while. You don't need much, and yet, you'll be handed the entire universe. This expression of love that comes from them may not last forever. While the expression may die down, the love will continue, and you will know this as of this day, December 14, 2023.

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3. Aquarius, you have often wondered when your day will come, as in, 'When will you be loved?'

While you might be in a relationship right now, you seem to have picked someone who isn't all that expressive of their love and you assume that they must have 'some' feelings for you, even if they aren't as upfront and obvious as you are when it comes to showing love and affection. What you don't know and don't expect to hear on this day, December 14, 2023, is that you are the love of this person's life.

Yes, they will tell you so, on this day, during the healing transit of Sun trine Node. This is when all that you wonder about becomes clear. After this day, you'll never be able to doubt your romantic partner again, as what they tell you on this day covers all the bases. Don't get used to them continuously expounding on their great love for you. However, the love really is there, but they will only share it with you during Sun trine Node.


You have to be the sort of person who can invest in trust. If daily expositions of affection are what you need, it may not be what you get. Still, if you are alright with knowing that you are the 'be all and end all' of your partner's life, then you might end up having a beautiful and loving romantic experience with them ... one that could potentially last a lifetime. It's worth opening to this idea, Aquarius. Your partner really and truly loves you with all of their heart.

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